Colour Solution for Different Room

Colour Solution for Different Room

Home is divided into different rooms according to different function. Therefore colour used in different room should match with the room function in interior design. The aim for interior colour design is to create good environment to satisfy people’s live, study and rest requirement.

Living room: living room is the place for family recreation and receiving guest. It is the place to show host’s aesthetic taste and cultural deposits. So the colour design of living room should demonstrate warm, harmonious, comfort and elegant atmosphere. Living room is larger than other room, so it uses more colour than other rooms. The colour for living room should mainly be warm colour that showshospitality of host. Colour with strong contrast can be used to emphasize important decoration part. For example, if you want to create noble and elegant atmosphere, you can choose dark colour such as red, black. The colour of wall should decide by furniturecolour and style. Usually red and purple can match it well. The purity can be different for different colour. For ceiling colour, golden decorative light can create luxury effect.

Bedroom: bedroom is the place for sleeping. Bedroom colour selection has great difference for different age. Bright colour like light yellow, light blue are used as the main colour of kid’s room. Cool colour tone is suit for boy room and warm colour tone like pink is often used in girl room. Newly weeding couple should use enthusiastic warm colour. White and light grey is the main colour tone for middle-age and senior bedroom. According to research, third of people’s life is spend on sleeping. Bedroom is mainly used to sleep, so the colour should not be too dark, and avoid strongcolour contrast.

Dining room: dining room is the special place for dining. It is usually connected with the living room. So the colour for dining room should be match with living room. It is mainly decided by personal preference. Warm colour like dark red, tangerine and orange is often used in it. It not only improves people’s appetite, but also highlights the warm, peaceful atmosphere.

Kitchen: kitchen is the place for making dinner. It is the place most difficult to clean in our home, so white, light grey and nattierblue is the most often used colour. Floor should use dark colour with good soiling resistance and avoid light colour. Wall should use white for easy to clean. Ceiling is better to be light grey, light yellow.

Home office: home office is the place for study and work, cool colour is often used in it. Blue and green can create quiet and refreshing atmosphere. The colour contrast of home office should not be large.

Bathroom: bathroom is the place for bath and washing. It has high requirement for sanitation and hygiene. The traditional colour for bathroom has white as its main colour tone, and white, light grey or light blue as the surface decoration of wall and floor. But now there is new colour scheme for bathroom: dark colour as its main colour tone, having black, gold, silver as small area decoration on wall and floor. The first colour scheme is simple and clear, the second one is more special.

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