I Bet You Did Not Think of Decorating Bathroom from Following Aspects

I Bet You Did Not Think of Decorating Bathroom from Following Aspects

Besides the living room, the bathroom is the second important decorating area if you want show off your home to your guests and visitors. Therefore, do not neglect this space in your house. You can easily decorate it different from others. Simple ways such as adding some color, rethink of the decorating materials and so on, they are very practical.

Wall design, the wallpaper is a good help

For many bathrooms, the mainly material for wall is the tiles. I am not saying that the tiles are not good. But if you want to create the unique feeling with colorful atmosphere, the best choice for the wall decoration should be the wallpaper, especially in the small bathroom. The wallpaper has many kinds of patterns for you to choice. No matter what kind of effect you want to create, the wallpaper is always a good help.

Flooring decoration, different style use different material, the marble is a good choice

There are many choices for flooring materials. Tiles, marbles and stones are the most common used.  At here, l would like to recommend you the marble material. Marble has seen its fair share of creative handling and has become a favorite in many upscale residences throughout the years. Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes you never thought of.

Take advantage of the mirror

Mirror is one of the articles that are frequently used. If you use a special mirror in your bathroom, it obsoletely will add visual interest to your bathroom. Once you find one that cooperates with your design scheme, all you have to do is to hang it up.

Lighting is a magic for making atmosphere

For any room, the lighting is a magic to create out the feeling that you wanted. Lighting fixture can bring tens of drama to your bathroom. You can create the relaxing feeling in the space by installing a few hanging wall sconces for candles. No matter what kind of lighting you finally choosing, make sure to add dimmers to the light switches so that you can create more atmospheres for one space.

Towels are capable of creating the colorful environment

For bathroom, besides the wall, floor and vanities, you can use the frequently use material to decorate this space. Incorporate color with towels, for they are easy to switch out if you get bored of one kind of colors.

Window shape can make it different for your bathroom

Window is another space you can make it different from others, which has a huge influence on the aesthetics and atmosphere of the bathroom. Maybe you will say that nothing you can do for window, for almost the window is similar. But you can make it different from the shapes. Diagonal windows add a dramatic touch and are welcomed in case there is an inclined wall nearby. Learn more at www.melodyhome.com.


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