5 Useful Tips for Decorating the Attic Rooms

5 Useful Tips for Decorating the Attic Rooms

A good way to have a unique home is to buy the house with attic. The homes with attic never fail to show us the special for the whole rooms. But it needs creative idea to design the attic space, as it has irregular shape and height. The space is normally slim, which add the difficult for the interior design. Here are some suggestions you may take as references.

5 Useful Tips for Decorating the Attic Rooms

1. Go the warm road for the design

For the limitation of the size, the warm road is the best way to decorate the attics. You may use soft fabrics and warm carpet. As the space is comparatively independent, the styles not need to cooperate with the other rooms. That is to say, it is ok for you to use several styles at the same time for the space, which is another special point for the attic.

2. Use built-in furniture

For the bed and storage space, the common way is to us built-in method. Since the space is not as big as other spaces, it may have difficult to find the suitable furniture to fit in. therefore, the custom made built-in furniture is the best solution for the attics, which not only can save the space, but also take advantage of every space of the room as well as unique from other room.

3. Light up the space

If the window is in the proper position so that the natural light can come in as other spaces, then you do not consider the lighting. However, for most of the attics, the slop wall may seem oppressive. If the lighting is not adequate, it would make the space look even worse. Therefore, the adequate lighting is a must. You may decorate it with white as the main color or use the same hue for the whole room. You may use bright color and install lights to improve the lighting condition as well.

4. Make a color for the flooring

Since the space is in low condition, make a color for the flooring can fool the eye. The best color suggestion should be the bright and pure so that the space would looks bright and shining as well as higher than the normal ones.

5. Pick proper window treatment

The windows for the most attics are in the roof and normally smaller than the common windows, which bring unwanted sunlight in the morning and inadequate natural light in the daylight. Use the proper window treatment may help you a lot. The specific way depends on what the function of the room play. For the bedroom, you may try the motorized shades. Click here to learn more.



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