5 Tips and Steps to Find the Perfect Home For Rent

Finding the perfect rental home for yourself and your family is not that easy. It involves a precise process that requires great amount of time and loads of patience.

And to help you out in your rental home searching journey, here are few tips and steps.

House To Rent

Set your budget.

Before you go out and start hunting homes for rent, set your budget first. Check out some home for rent listings online and take note of their prices. With this info at hand, you’ll have an idea on how much budget you need to set. It’s also highly important to factor in the expenses outside the rental fee. You need to set a working budget for the utility bills and other extras that might come with your rented home or apartment.

List down the features that you want or need

Aside from the basic features like bedroom and bathroom count, list down other features that you wanted to have in your new home.

Do you want a patio or deck? Do you want a spacious backyard? Do you want a fireplace? Do you want a large kitchen? These are the things of features that you might want to list down before hunting a home for rent. It’s also best to categorize them in to two columns – one for wants and one for needs.

Plan your day

Key HouseIt’s best if you can set a day just for home hunting. And if you already have one, make sure to plan your full day activity to save time and money. If you plan to visit all possible homes for rent around a certain city, map it out and see what the best route to take is. List down the names or locations of homes you’ll visit so you can plan your house hunting accordingly.

Choose the house type

There are lots of home types you can choose from so make sure that you already have a house type in mind. In choosing the type of house, factor in the number of people who will live in it and their wants and needs. Do you just need a small space home or apartment or you need a 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms overall?

Know the application and approval process

After finishing the above four steps, you are now this close in signing the lease agreement. But before that happens, the landlord will check your application first and determine if you are qualified to rent their place. The application and approval process will usually include background checks and negotiation process.

These steps or tips can surely help you find a rental home perfect for your budget and lifestyle.


  • Great tips, especially for those that really have never been through it. I really prefer to own a home though so that its mine and I can do what I want with the property, but not everyone can own a home so this is the next best thing.

  • These are great tips. Our daughter is a renter, and finding the perfect home has not been easy for her. The last time she moved was really stressful.

  • I will be looking for a new apartment in a couple of months so this information is super handy. I really like the idea of knowing the leasing paperwork process before looking because every place is different.

  • These are great tips! We rented for 16 years before buying and went through the search process 6 times during those years, it can definitely be stressful if you don’t have a good plan.

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