Tools Every Homeowner Must Have: Smart Reasons to Get a Jigsaw

There are some tools that every avid DIY enthusiast wouldn’t be without as part of their toolkit and they are so useful that it could be argued that every homeowner should do the same.

Standard tools like a hammer and drill are going to make the list of essential tools for sure, but there plenty of good reasons to suggest that a jigsaw also needs to be on there too.

Here is a look at all the different uses for a jigsaw, which explain why it can be considered a must-have tool. There is a comparison between hand-held saws and some examples of just how versatile a jigsaw can be, even when it is not in the hands of a professional woodworker.


Versatile and easy to use

If you are going to buy a power tool you want to get your money’s worth and know that it is going to be versatile enough to perform a variety of tasks and be easy to operate.

A typical jigsaw, and you can see it here, ticks all of those boxes and it can be used to perform a diverse range of tasks, plus it is very user-friendly. All of which means that you don’t have to be a DIY expert to know how to handle a jigsaw.

When straight lines won’t cut it

A key feature of a jigsaw is the fact that it is really the only portable power tool that is able to competently cut curves.

You could persevere with a hand-held coping saw of course, but the stop-start action of sawing makes it difficult to get a neat curve, regardless of how competent you are with a saw in your hand.

You wouldn’t find any self-respecting woodworker attempting this sort of task without a jigsaw in their hand. So take the hint, and if you need to cut a straight line and a curve to the same standard, a jigsaw is the tool to use.

Different blades for different jobs

If you have a hand-held saw in your hands there is only one type of material you are going to be able to cut with it, but if you are using a jigsaw, a quick change to the right type of blade and you can be cutting through a lot more materials than wood alone.

Each jigsaw blade is designed to cut through steel, fiberglass, even drywall as well as wood of course. All you have to do is turn off the power, change the blade in a matter of seconds, then turn it back on and you are ready to go.

All the angles covered

You could be forgiven for thinking that you would need a specialized adjustable saw if you wanted to try and make angled cuts rather than just cutting a line straight up and down.

Another positive attribute with a jigsaw is that it gives you the ability to angle the blade up to 45 degrees so that you can make bevel cuts. A simple slide of the lever just above the shoe of the saw will allow you to get the tilt you want before you lock it in place ready for cutting.

These are just some of the persuasive reasons why the jigsaw can be considered an essential item for any homeowner’s toolbox.

Ben Lewis is a Dad leading a slightly unconventional life as he, and his wife, homeschool on a homestead. Ben enjoys woodwork as his hobby, selling some of his pieces at local craft fairs and blogs about all manner of things!


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