4 Awesome Tips That Can Make Your Open Floor Plan Home More Stylish and Homey

One of the biggest blessings that you can ever have in your life is having a house for rent that offers so much space. Any renter will surely be happy to be blessed with loft style layouts and massive living spaces. But when you start to plan and style your new home, you will realize that being #blessed does come with some problems.

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Styling and designing an open floor layout is not as easy as anyone think it would be. Sure, having so much space is an advantage since it can accommodate all your furniture. However, you may find it difficult to make a big open space to feel cozy. Additionally, you may be confused as to what area of the home you should place some of the controversial pieces of furniture that you have. Well, we got you covered with some of the few tips below:

Go with the flow.

Instead of focusing on the cons, it is best that you focus on the pros of having an open floor plan. Since there are no walls, then there are no rules as to what furniture should be placed where. Instead of thinking what should be in a certain space, it is best that you think about what you want to be in that certain space. Do you want to place a sewing station in your living room? Then, by all means, do so!

Use area rugs.

Having an open floor plan allows you to create various rooms in a bigger room. While this can be fun, it can also be terribly confusing and the look can be quite crowded if you will not make some effort in separating one nook from the other. It is recommended that you use area rugs to create boundaries in your nooks.

Take advantage of your furniture.

The absence of walls is what makes an open floor plan inviting and stylish. Since you need to create boundaries to create a more organized look, it is best that you use your furniture as natural borders for each nook. Shy away from placing big pieces of furniture against the walls. Instead, pull some items out and use it to subtly create edges so you can easily define the space.

Establish harmony.

Even if there are different nooks and established boundaries, you must keep in mind that your visitors will see your house as one single unit. This is why it is best that you design your place with the whole area in mind. This is done so that you can make all the spaces come together. Make sure that each nook has patterns and textures that will complement the entire look of your place.

These are just some of the best ways on how you can fill up the big open space in your house for rent. Put all these tips into action and you will surely be able to make the most out of the big space in your home.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain / PIXABAY / Philipp_Stegmann


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