Tiny House Tips and Hacks For A More Cozy and Comfy Living

Living in a tiny home is quite challenging. Because of the small space, problems like the shortage of storage area and more is inevitable. But with simple hacks and tricks, living in a tiny home could become easier and comfortable. Below are some of the most effective tiny house building tips and tricks that you could follow.

Small Wooden house

Use semi-opaque materials.

Using semi-opaque materials most especially at windowless rooms allows light to pass through.  You can install it at your bathroom, closets and other areas where natural light is not possible. This gives it an airy kind of space making it appear larger.

Install or use large windows.

A large window can help draw more light into your home. The natural light that comes though can brighten up the space making it appear large than it is. Always keep your window-to wall ratio high.

Install bookshelves.

Bookshelves can give you extra storage space. Aside from books, you can also store here some of your items and with a little creativity, it could become your home’s artistic focal point.

Utilize the space under stairs.

Use the extra space under your stairs. A little internet search can give you great ideas for such project. You will be surprised what you can do with this often overlook area of the house.

Use temporary walls.

Doors and permanent walls can divide your space effectively but it makes the area look tighter and smaller. Using temporary walls, such as sliding walls, can effectively divide your area without making it look smaller. Curtains and multi functional dividers are perfect options too!

Farm Small House

Utilize the walls.

Walls are perfect for extra storage space. You can install few hooks, hanging cabinets or shelves to give your home an additional storage solution.

Add some color.

Paint your home with light vibrant colors. You will be surprised how much difference a can of paint can make into your home.


Choose and use appliances wisely.  Buy the ones that are not bulky and only necessary. Better yet, buy appliances that are portable and easy to store when not in use.

Living in a tiny house can be real fun, if you know how to work your space intelligently.



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