Four Things You Do That Ruin Your Small Space, #2 Is Very True

Living in a house for rent does pose many challenges. One of the biggest challenges you can ever encounter is the lack of adequate living space. The cramped space, inadequate storage and the inflexible layout are already difficult things to handle on its own. Sadly, many renters unknowingly make things a lot worse by doing these four things:

Number 1 – Using furniture with the wrong scaleFurniture Room

If you have small space, it doesn’t mean that you should buy itsy bitsy pieces of furniture. However, you should be wary in buying furniture of the wrong scale. What does this mean? This means that you have to take a closer look at the details of the furniture. Does your couch have too big arms? Maybe you would want to consider a couch that provides more seating room than arm room. Instead of opting for bulky pieces, why not try opting for furniture of the same size but with a more slender silhouette. When buying furniture, you should take a look at its overall scale and not just its width, length or height.

Number 2 – Not taking advantage of the entire wall space

room with hanging cabinet

When it comes to small houses for rent, each and every inch of space matters and this is most especially true with the wall space. Instead of just adding more and more cabinets which take up majority of your horizontal space, it is recommended that you take advantage of the space that your wall has to offer by adding different types of storage options including hooks, bookshelves and the likes.

Number 3 – Not using the right size of area rug

Area Rug

Many people think that an area rug is  just a decoration. For your information, an area rug plays an important role in establishing the floor space. When you use a rug that is too small, people who will come to your home will perceive the floor space as too small. Despite this, it is not recommended that you opt for a rug that covers the entire floor. The key to using an area rug make the space look bigger is by choosing an area rug that is large enough to accommodate the front legs of your furniture. In the event that you cannot find the area rug in the right size, you can have one customized for your home.

Number 4 – Not having adequate lighting

room lighting

If you wish to open up your home, one of the most inexpensive ways to do so is to take advantage of light. There are many options that you can choose from in adding light to your space. These may include table lamps, floor lamps, plug-in scones and many more. These lighting options are portable and you can arrange them in any way you wish until you achieve the perfect look for your home.

It is about time that you let these bad habits go. When you do, you can certainly be able to live comfortably and make the most out of your little living space.

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