5 Tips for Renting A House With Pets

Renting a house when you have pets is quite complicated. It’s very challenging because some landlords will simply refuse to have any kind of animals on their property. Some might allow it for a fee but it will come with a number of rules and restrictions.

To make renting a house with pets easier, here are few tips and tricks that could help.

Don’t rush, give time to find the perfect place

Don’t rush things up. Don’t jump into a rental property just because they allow your fury friend to stay on it. Scout the area for other rental houses that allows pets.  List down all properties that allow pets and choose the best one that suits you well.

Watch the surroundings

It’s not enough that the rental property is pet friendly. You must also check out the entire surroundings where you and your pet will be living. Are there any parks near you? Are the neighbors animal friendly too? Things like this must also be considered.

Be the landlord

Yes, it’s frustrating to be turned down by the landlord because of your pet. But before you feel bad about it and say not-so-nice-things to the landlord because they refused you in, try to understand why they don’t allow pets. They might have bad experiences from the past so be respectful about it.

Ask local humane society

Local animal shelters and societies are the best ones to ask for places where pets are allowed to live.  They can surely help you find the best house or apartment to rent that allows pets. You can also try asking some local real estate agents as they certainly know which properties are truly pet friendly.

Go for alternative housing

Look for local classified ads (try Craigslist) and see if anyone is renting out their basement, an extra room etc. Individual landlords are more likely to accept renters with pets without lots of restrictions. It’s a plus factor if the home owner has pets too or an animal lover like you.

In renting a house with pets, you must prove that your animal friend is well behave and trained. Be ready with their medical records and papers as some landlords will ask for them upon application.

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  • Very good points! Also, when I was a landlord, we had a no-pets policy, but once we met one applicant’s small pet, we let them do it and just added cleaning stipulations to their lease. Don’t be afraid to ask, but don’t be a jerk if they still say no 😉

  • This is such a nice post, very informative most especially to those renters who have a pet or pets. It is better to ask and follow the landlord rules if he or she said no.

  • These are such great tips. I never thought about asking the locale humane society. Yes, I bet they definitely do know. I think it’s always a good idea to ask. You just never know.

  • It can be so hard to find a place that allows pets. I never thought to check with the local Humane Society’s to find places that will take you pet. Great idea.

  • It was really nice when you said that if the landlord ever refuses a pet, it is best to be respectful and try to see things in their point of view. Though I really hope this does not have to happen and that the landlord that I will speak with allows a pet in the apartment. It has been a while since I decided that I will move out and bring my pets along, so I really hope that the landlord that I come across with understands me. Thank you.

  • Thank you for suggesting that you could ask the local humane society where the best pet-friendly places to rent are. My husband and I are wanting to rent a home. I’ll have to find the best one for us.

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