Tips in Renting a House with Bad Credit

Renting a House with Bad Credit

Your credit score is truly important in securing a good rental home. This is one of the first things that landlords check before accepting your rental application. So if you have a good score, then you are surely good to go but if your score is below the average, they will most likely decline your application.

If you have bad credit and need to rent a house, here are some tips that can help you convince the landlord to accept your application.

How to convince a landlord to rent to you with bad credit

Find a guarantor or a co-signer
Ask a friend or relative with good credit standing to co-sign your rental application. Your guarantor or co-signer must agree to cover the payments in the event that you default on your rent. With this rental agreement at hand, your landlord will have an extra assurance thus giving your application an extra boost.

Be honest
A bad credit score doesn’t always mean bad financial management. It might be a result of a job loss from the past, sickness or injuries or any other situation that was out of your control that resulted into a financial setback. If this is the case, tell your landlord about it upfront. Tell him or her the things that happened that resulted into a bad credit score. Of course, you should also tell the landlord how stable you are now and show some proof of your stable income.

Pay rent upfront
Tell your landlord about your willingness to pay two months or more in advance to make up with your bad credit. This will alleviate any concerns that the landlord has because of your credit score.  Doing this will show your commitment to pay rent regularly and on time.

Renting with bad credit but high income? – show proof of stable and solid income
Showing proof of stable and solid income can pretty much eliminate any kind of doubts that the landlord has when it comes to your payment capacity. Prepare recent pay stubs, tax returns and letter(s) from your employer(s) verifying your employment status. You can also ask the landlord to deduct your monthly rental payment automatically from your bank account.

Show recommendation letters
Aside from showing your employer’s letter verifying your income and employment status, you can also bring recommendation letters from your former bosses and/or landlords. These letters can give your potential landlord an overview of your financial capacity and most importantly your overall behavior as a tenant and as a person.

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