Reducing Electricity Use and Costs

Australia still relies on coal fired power stations. This is not the most environmentally friendly way of producing electricity and is something that is steadily going up in price due to the finite amount of coal left on the planet.

Although reliance on coal has dropped it is still the resource of choice in over 50% of the electricity produced.

To help reduce your costs you need to start looking at reducing your electricity usage:

Get It Checked

This may sound obvious but a qualified electrician in Sydney can check your installation and advise you where you are using the most power and even if there is an issue with your electricity.

No matter how well you know your house it is possible you have something powered all the time that you don’t know about. Getting it checked could save you money and will ensure you are safe.

Turn It Off

The easiest way to reduce your electricity consumption is to start turning things off. This applies to lights that are not in use; there is no point lighting up all your rooms if the entire family is in just one of them.

But, it also applies to your appliances. Unplug your television, microwave and even your washing machine when not in use. Every appliance that is left in standby mode will continue to draw electricity.

Upgrade Appliances

This is not the cheapest option but it is worth it in the long run. Selling off old appliances and purchasing new ones will enable you to get the most energy efficient products currently on the market; they can make a marked difference in your electricity usage and costs.


One of the biggest expenses in any home is keeping it warm in the winter. Now is the time to upgrade your insulation as this will help to keep the heat in your home.

You may even qualify for a grant to help you insulate.

The more heat you retain the less you’ll need to heat your home.

Turn The Thermostat Down

You probably won’t notice your thermostat being set one degree less; but your energy bill will. This small change can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

It is also a good idea to turn your water heater down a few degrees; this can make a big difference to your energy bills.

Check For Gaps

Any gap or crack in your home can let cold air in. This means you need to look for them and then fill them. Around windows and doors it is a good idea to add draught excluders; this will make a difference.

Alternative Energy

An increasingly popular option is the installation of solar panels on your roof. This is a great way of saving money in the medium term; after you’ve offset the cost of purchasing the solar panels.

Producing your own electricity means you’ll feel like everything it powers is being run for free; just be certain to know what is powered by solar and hat is still on the grid.


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