3 Outstanding Reasons Why Mobile Homes Are Gaining Popularity

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Mobile homes are now becoming a huge thing here in the United States. More and more people are choosing to live in a mobile home compared to a regular or stick built home. As the population grows and the scarcity of resources to build regular homes continues, mobile homes will always be the first option for many.

The modern prefabricated dwellings offers great advantages and benefits that made it a top and popular housing choice for many people. Compared to stick built homes, it offers more square footage, it is pretty quick to build and it now has safety and security features that are tried and tested by many.

Let’s take a deeper look into these advantages and benefits of mobile homes:

More Square Footage For Your Money

More bang for your back! Yes, this is what mobile homes could bring on the table when it comes to square footage. In a study conducted years ago, the price for stick-built homes nationwide averaged $83.38 per square foot compared to the $41.24 for manufactured homes.  It’s pretty clear that mobile homes are the lower-cost option to buying stick built home. This just means that with mobile homes, homeownership becomes easier and less of a hassle when it comes to money matters.

Quick and Less Time To Build

Gone are the days when building a house will take a year or so. With mobile homes, there will be no delay on the construction and some says that it can be build in just 3 months or less. The construction or mobile homes are often performed in a factory (just like how cars are built on a assembly process) where weather disturbances and other natural calamities won’t affect the construction. For people or families who wants a home immediately, mobile homes are the best option. It’s the fastest home you can get without sacrificing all the safety features and security designs of a normal home, which I will cover on the next part.

Safety, Security and Overall Design Improvements

Years ago, mobile and manufactured homes are often associated with poor and accident prone areas. Some even says that it is a firetrap because of the design. But those days are gone. The mobile homes of today are created with modern safety and security features. Not only that, they are also designed with energy efficiency in mind thus helping you lower the cost of electric and energy bills in the long run. AS for the design,  they are now also up to date and materials that are used could last longer and are cheaper to replace or fix. Maintenance won’t be a problem in mobile homes.

To add more into these advantages, living in a mobile home park will provide you almost everything that a traditional home could like water, sewers, garbage collection and so on. The only difference is that you will pay less on the rental and taxes won’t be a problem too. Mobile home parks are usually scenic and has breathtaking outdoors wherein you, your friends and families  (even your pets) can hang out happily every morning or afternoon.

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