My wood floor is covered in scratches, what can I do?

Scratches on a wood floor? Here’s how to fix them!

Having wood floors in your home can be expensive, so it makes sense to protect your investment and make sure that the floors remain in good condition for as long as possible. It’s natural that wood floors may become scratched over time, as they are subjected to the wear and tear that results from everyday life.

This is why you need to protect your floor from scratches with a little help from experts such as If any minor damage does occur there is a good chance that you will be able to deal with the problem yourself.


Living Room Wood Floor

Dealing with minor scratches on wood floors

There may be a time that surface scratches show up on the wood floors in your home. This type of damage should be reasonably easy to deal with. Before you start addressing the issue, you need to make sure that the floor is completely free from dust and dirt. Once the floor has been cleaned it should be rinsed off and left to dry.

Once the floor is completely dry you simply need to use some of the wood protector that was used when the wood was first protected to fill in any surface scratches that are present. This should resolve the problem when scratches are superficial.

Sanding scratches on a wood floor

Sanding can also be a good way of getting rid of minor scratches on a wood floor. To start with you need to thoroughly clean the floor, rinse it and leave it to dry.

Once you have done this, you should gently rub some steel wool over the scratch. Take your time to make sure that the scratch is blended with the surrounding area. When you have achieved this, you need to use a wood wax stick on the scratch. Rub it over the scratch and then leave the affected area to dry. This should take around ten minutes. The final part of the process is to take a clean cloth and rub over the area, before you buff it.

If you have wooden floors in your home, it’s useful knowing both of these methods for getting rid of unsightly scratches. You will not be able to avoid scratching the floors at some point, so it makes sense that you should know how to deal with the problem, and return your floors to their normal beautiful condition.

If there is ever and incident which causes more serious damage to any of your wood floors, you may not be able to resolve the issue. It can be difficult to repair seriously damaged floors and the job should be left to the experts. If you attempt to deal with this kind of damage yourself, you could end up causing more problems than you solve. This is likely to be more expensive than hiring a professional in the long term, so seeking help is the most cost effective thing to do.

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