Moving is Easy: 3 Rooms That You Should be Clearing of Clutter Early

Most people tend to think that moving is stressful, but if you follow a couple of simple principles, it can be anything but. Oftentimes, following a predetermined system is all it takes, and if you treat it like a game, it can also be somewhat fun.

Today, this is exactly what we’re going to show you, as well as which rooms you should start with first:

The 3 box system

Living RoomBefore you start getting rid of clutter in your home, find 3 separate boxes and mark them. These can also be bags, containers, or anything you deem to be suitable for the purpose.

– Box 1 will be used for the items you’re planning to keep.

– Box 2 will be used for the items you’re planning to throw away or sell.

– Box 3 will be used for items that fall anywhere between these two categories. Basically, those that you’d like to keep but aren’t planning to be actively using.

Make a plan

The worst thing you can do is trying to declutter your home without a solid plan. Mindlessly running around and picking up items won’t do you any good, since you won’t be doing it systematically. Instead, it’s best to tackle things room by room.

The magic of gamification

Now here’s the fun part: why not turn it into a game that will make the whole process much more fun and allow you to complete it much faster? The game only requires one rule: set a deadline and make sure to respect it no matter what. That way, you won’t spend too much time on a single item, unable to decide in which box it fits. Using a stopwatch or a timer of any sort can help you out a lot.

The suggested order

So which room should you start off with? This is by no means set in stone, but if you’re absolutely out of ideas, try the following order:

  1. Lovely Living RoomBathroom

If you clear the clutter from the bathroom first, guess what? Getting ready for work and bedtime will require much less time than it otherwise would with all the clutter lying around, because you’ll be able to find everything you need within seconds. That way, you can experience the benefits immediately before even moving to a new home!

  1. Entryway

Depending on your preferences and the way you organize things, the movers may collect your items in multiple rounds. In order to make their job easier, the entryway needs to be free of clutter so they can access and move around your home easily, which is why it needs to be cleared rather early.

  1. Storage room

The reason why we haven’t mentioned the storage room earlier is that it’s probably full of stuff you’re not going to use, but still want to keep around (or haven’t decided yet). Clearing the other rooms first will give you the much needed workflow experience, which will allow you to make these kind of decisions on the fly without wasting too much time. Also, when the storage room is clutter-free, you will be able to use it for temporary storage until you’re finally able to move out to a new home.


No matter what people are saying, moving can be both easy and fun, especially if you convince some friends to come over and help you. Are you motivated enough to begin?

  • This post is very useful to me as I will be moving soon and I was thinking with horror the other day of all the things I have. A decluttering will definitely be required.

  • I think if you don’t give yourself enough time, then moving becomes stressful The last time I moved I started a month before the date. Those that give themselves just a day or two are the ones that experience the stress.

  • It’s about time t o go through stuff in our house and start clearing clutter. I like the three box system, I will definitely use it.

  • Moving to a new apartment is very tiring. I remember I settled in after 1 month! Its crazy, with my busy work and schedule, i only managed to arranged things little by little, haha

  • These are some great tips! I wish I would have found this article a few weeks ago, because my husband and I just moved and it was a DISASTER! Lol. We’re usually pretty good about it, but this time around we had an infant to worry about at the same time and it just did not go smoothly. Haha thanks for sharing! I’ll keep these in mind for our next move.

  • I love the idea of a 3-box system. I’ve been doing something similar, except I have bags for things I’m keeping, getting rid of, and throwing away.

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