Space-saving Tips for Your Loft Conversion

The primary reason for having a loft conversion is to increase the liveable space within a house, as well as to increase the value of the property. The main reason for the average loft extension in Essex is to improve, not move, as the property market is quite overheated there. So, if you’re looking to have more useable space in your home by converting your loft, you need to make the most of it by looking at these space-saving tips.


Use fitted storage units wherever possible

Lofts are notorious for having strange nooks and crannies, as well as the areas on either side of the chimney breast, funny little spaces under the eaves, and so on. In the past people tended to board these over, but now, these hidey-holes and oddly-shaped recesses are being used as extra storage space. You can order customised furniture like shelves, drawers and wardrobes with all kinds of nifty storage features to make the most of every square centimetre.

Storage ideas for lofts

Think creatively – if you have a space going free, think about how you can use it to store things. Could you fit some custom-made drawers under the eaves? Fit a few pull-out boxes in that weird hole in the wall? All these ideas help to free up floor space.

Build a window seat

Dormer windows are ideal for window seats, especially if you can build some shelves nearby for books. You can also use the space under the seat as a chest for bedding, toys or clothes. A window seat is a really nice touch in a bedroom, and it also saves a lot of space, especially if the loft is on the smaller side.

Bespoke bathroom

Designing a space-efficient bathroom is a brilliant way to use the loft space to its fullest. You can have as big or as small a bathroom as you want, and if you have an awkward corner you could fit in a toilet or shower.

If you have a sloping ceiling then you could put a bath under it, as otherwise the space may simply go unused. A great idea is to use the area under a skylight, as this lets lots of natural light in and makes the space look and feel bigger.

If you’re really short on space you could install a wet-room, as this is a really efficient use of a corner, or of part of a bedroom, if necessary.

Good old fashioned shelves

Even though modern wet-rooms and ergonomic all-singing, all-dancing storage solutions are brilliant, sometimes you can’t beat well-crafted, well-thought out shelves. If you have a weird space in your loft – think back to that chimney breast – then bespoke is the way to go, as this not only does the job, but it makes a style statement as well. You could even design and build these shelves yourself, although there are plenty of companies that specialise in customised shelving solutions.

The space is all yours, so use it well!


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