7 Important Things To Remember When Painting Your Rented House

7 Important Things To Remember When Painting Your Rented House

Adding a splash of new paint color at your rented wall is a great way to make it look and feel like home. However, applying a fresh coat of paint at your rented home can be a bit complicated. And to help you out to get that new paint up and about, here are 7 tips that you should read and check out.

Ask your landlord permission

Before doing anything else, seek your landlord’s permission first. Don’t just rely on any kind of verbal agreement, its best if you can secure some sort of written permission from his or her office. Don’t do anything unless you already have the written agreement approving your paint job.

You don’t need to paint the whole house

Some room doesn’t need to be painted while some needs something fresh and new. Think about it and plan your paint job accordingly. Like for example, your living room might need a fresh coat of paint while your guest room doesn’t. It saves you time and money, right?

Keep everything safe and secured

Check everything before doing the paint job. Secure the cabinets and shelves that might fall off. Remove anything that might get tainted with paint. Seal off the parts that your landlord asked you to be extra careful with.

Take a picture of the original color

Always remember the original color of the wall. Take a photo of it so you can revert it back to its original state one you are about to leave or if the landlord told you so. Better yet, ask the landlord about the existing color and keep it on note.

Be creative

Don’t settle with the old boring paint color. Be creative with it. If you need some good inspiration and ideas, Pinterest is your friend. You can also mix the new paint color with some stickers or accessories.

Don’t spend too much on the project

Don’t spend too much on your paint project. Remember, you are only renting it so don’t get carried away and stay cheap as much as you can.

Plan and organize everything

Like in any kind of home improvement or project, planning and preparation is very important. So before you start applying that paint, plan and organizing everything first. Make sure that all the paint and tools that you’ll need is already at hand. Last thing you want is to set aside the paint job just to buy something that you forgot beforehand.


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