This Is How Houses In Michigan Look Like From The 1930s And 40s

For some people, its great to see what life in Michigan looks like centuries ago. But for some, there are moments from the past that they wished hadn’t happened at all, like the era of The Great Depression.

The rare photogoraphs below that features houses in Michigan from the 1930s and 40s can certainly tell the kind of life during those times. They are released by Yale University and the Library of Congress in a webpage called Photogrammar. Check them out.

An abandoned house in Mansfield, formerly a prosperous mining town. April 1937.

An abandoned house in Mansfield
Russell Lee/Library of Congress/LC-USF341-T-010830

John Nygren sits in front of his shack in Iron River, Michigan. April 1937

John Nygren sits in front of his shack in Iron River
Russell Lee/Library of Congress/LC-USF341-T-010738

An abandoned farm house on the Allegan Project. Allegan, Michigan. June 1937.

Abandoned farm house on the Allegan Project
Russell Lee/Library of Congress/LC-USF341-T-030050

Boarding house. Baraga, Michigan August 1941

Boarding house in Baraga, Michigan
John Vachon/Library of Congress/LC-USF34-063483

Cabin rented by House of David, Benton Harbor, Michigan, July 1940.

Cabin rented by House of David, Benton Harbor
John Vachon/Library of Congress/LC-USF33-016004

House where Charles A Lindbergh was born in Detroit, Michigan. July 1941.

House where Charles A Lindbergh was born in Detroit
Arthur S Siegel/Library of Congress/LC-USW3-016610

An inside shot of the house of Mrs. Herman Perry at Mansfield, Michigan. She is the wife of an old-time iron miner who worked in the mines before they were abandoned, May 1937.

Inside shot of the house
Russell Lee/Library of Congress/LC-USF34-010898

For more of this images and stories behind it, you can visit

H/T: Serena Maria Daniels via OnlyInYourState.Com


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