11 Simple Steps Homeowners Can Do To Cut Down Utility Bills

There are lots of tips and techniques that can help you cut down utility bills. And if you are looking for some practical and easy to follow strategies that you can do in your home today, you are reading the right article.

Below is an infographic detailing 11 simple steps that homeowners can do today to cut down energy usage.  It might look or sound so simple but if you follow them all, you’ll surely save a great amount of money.

The infographic includes the following tips:

Child proof your walls
This can prevent heating and cooling loss from air leaks. It can save up to 12% on heating and cooling costs.

Install a separate water meter for irrigation
In summer months, any irrigation is charged a sewage rate even though the water doesn’t leave your home

Switching the direction on the fan
This can effectivel reduce heating and cooling demand. It saves up to 40% of air conditioning and up to 15% on heating costs.

Check windows for broken seals
If window looks like it has condensation between panes, the gas seal has been broken. This makes the window less energy efficient.

Check sprinklers
Check sprinkler heads and replace any broken ones to conserve water.

Stuff your fridge.
A packed refrigerator maintains the temperature better, requiring less cooling power.

Replace your door sweeps
Door sweeps breaks down over time. Replace them from time to time.

Pull your fridge out an inch
Improves airflow to the unit which decreases energy use.

And here’s the full infographic:

11 Unique Things Homeowners Can Do Today To Save Money - Infographic
Source: 11 Unique Things Homeowners Can Do Today To Save Money – Infographic


  • These are all easy and great tips for homeowners to cut down on utility bills. I love the idea of doing some of these things, because that bill can get pretty high!

  • These are brilliant tips on how to cut down utility bills. this is what I’ve been searching for. Must try this.

  • Those utility bills can definitely be a pesky little thing. These are some great ideas for how to cut them down.

  • Wow, some of those things I had never heard of or heard wrong. I thought it was keep a freezer full and give a refrigerator room for air to circulate. I didn’t know about changing the fan blades and one of my doors doesn’t even have a sweep. I am calling the water and sewer division on Monday. I was lost on child proof the walls until I got down farther. Awesome learning post.

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