6 Home Organization Tips That Can Make Your Life Stress-Free!

According to numerous research and studies, a cluttered home is one of the universal stress triggers. Seeing dishes piling up, laundry bins overflow, misplaced belongings and dusty surfaces can shoot the stress level to the roof!

Eliminate this huge stress source by keeping your home clean and organized at all times. Below are some tips and tricks that can surely help you out.

Beautiful Living RoomGo digital.

Scan receipts and paper bills and trash the hard copies afterwards. Same thing goes for appliance manuals and such. And if a hard copy is needed, you can easily print it out.

Get rid of expired and old items.

Did you know that foundation last only two years, concealer for one year and lipstick for two years? Yes, they do expire and if you have them for so long now then trash them out! Expired and old items must be removed quickly. Same thing goes with your medicine or first aid kit. Doing this doesn’t only keep your home organized but also eliminate a potential source of harm.

Clean as you go.

Employ this kind of rule in your home. After using the bathroom, clean it up. After using the kitchen, clean it up. Don’t let the dirt sit in the surface for few minutes as you might forget about it. It’s also a great idea to clean your home, even for few minutes or so, before going to sleep. Waking up in an orderly and clean home can positively affect your day.

Sell or donate duplicate items.

If you have too many coffee mugs, tumblers and other items, consider donating some of them. You won’t use all of them anyway and some of them are surely kept for ages in your cabinet. So free up some space and donate your duplicate items.

Clean Living RoomMake a command center for your small stuff and items.

If you always forgot where you put your keys and other small essential items, it’s best to create a command center for them. This command center could be a cabinet near your main door or somewhere in your living room. You can place here your keys, wallet, important gadgets etc. Just make sure to drop the items here after use.

Throw, donate or sell items that don’t serve a purpose for you.

If you have items that you don’t use or need anymore, then consider throwing them away. You can donate or sell them around your neighborhood. The items you don’t use might be the one that your friend or neighbor is looking for.

Don’t let a disorganized and cluttered home stress your life. Follow this home organization tips and tricks now!

  • These are great suggestions! I am in the middle of going through a massive purge at my house so I will have to keep these in mind while I’m going through everything!

  • Great tips! I love and appreciate the one about scanning your receipts, manuals etc I might have thought about the receipts but, the bigger things … No way! I am a paper hoarder always saying I might need proof I paid that bill or need to know the specifics of an insurance policy NEVER thought of putting them somewhere safe online!

  • I do a major clean up every quarter, in time with the changing of the seasons. I check my closet for seldom used clothes that no longer fit, duplicate items in the house (flat irons, cups and mugs, etc.) and small appliances I no longer need. I donate some, and sell some. Nothing looks better than a clutter free house.

  • I love purging old items I am no longer using. It feels so good. Today I went through our closet and donated anything that we haven’t worn in the last year or even 6 months. If it looked worn… we also said goodbye to it. I love your suggestion about coffee mugs and tumblers. The truth is we have our favorites and those are the only ones we use.

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