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December 19th, 2016 by MichiganLiving 5 Beautiful Frozen Waterfalls In Michigan That You Should Check Out

There are lots of amazing waterfalls in Michigan. No matter what kind of season it is, people flocks in the state to personally see their jaw-dropping beauty. Although some people prefer to visit the waterfalls during summer, fall and spring, there are some who likes its best when it’s snowing.

Frozen Waterfall

Seeing the frozen waterfalls in Michigan is quite an amazing feat for some travelers and tourist. This is why they prefer to visit them during the winter season. Well, we can’t blame them because there are truly lots of beautiful frozen waterfalls in Michigan that are truly worth the visit.

Munising Falls

These majestic waterfalls range from unnamed small waterfalls on Grand Island to large cascading flows falling from cliff faces along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They are located in almost every direction of Munising Michigan. These are heavenly places that are tranquil, unique, and all natural. Munising.Org

Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls State Park encompasses close to 50,000 acres stretching over 13 miles. Most of this is undeveloped woodland without roads, buildings or power lines. The centerpiece of the park, and the very reason for its existence, is the Tahquamenon River with its waterfalls. MichiganDNR.com

Tahquamenon Falls Michigan Upper Peninsula. Credit: Debbie Maglothin #Hercules #Snowstorm #winter

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Wagner Falls

This scenic waterfall is nestled amongst virgin pine and hemlock trees. There is a small parking area and a half-mile trail with an observation deck overlooking the falls. Michigan.org

Don’t go chasing waterfalls ? #adventuretime #WagnerFalls ?: @kyleslunick

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Canyon Falls

A scenic trail along the Sturgeon River to a series of rapids and small waterfalls before you reach Canyon Falls. “Grand Canyon of the UP”. The river slides nearly 30′ over a large chute of smooth black rock into a box canyon. Michigan.org

Finding winter with @kyleethanevans at Canyon Falls. #puremichigan #neverstopexploring #getoutside #puremittigan

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Bond Falls

Spectacular Bond Falls, a Michigan Scenic Site, is located on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, 10 miles north of Watersmeet or 9 miles south of Bruce Crossing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This scenic waterfall tumbles over ancient fractured volcanic rock in several cascades for a total drop of about 50 feet in all. The falls pools at the bottom creating a little island with a bridge to the island so you can stand in the middle of the falls for an up close view. ExploringTheNorth.Com

So, with the above photos, which one is your favorite?


27 responses to “5 Beautiful Frozen Waterfalls In Michigan That You Should Check Out”

  1. I’ve actually never heard of any of these, but it looks like most are in the U.P. So pretty!

  2. I’ve been to Tahquamenon Fall. It’s charming during the winter but a hike from even the parking lot. It’s cold!

  3. They all look so amazing and I had no idea that Michigan had so many beautiful waterfalls. I think I like Tahquamenon Falls the most! you have great photos!

  4. Amber Myers says:

    Oh my gosh, how amazing! I’ve never seen a frozen waterfall in person before and I would love to.

  5. Lisa Favre says:

    These waterfalls are any landscape photographer’s dream! My husband would love to take shots of these.

  6. Wren says:

    Those look really neat! I will have to head up to Michigan and take a peek, they look amazing.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Oh how beautiful! I’d love to visit each and every one of those gorgeous waterfalls one day.

  8. kelly reci says:

    never seen any waterfall since birth, maybe because we live in the city. lol. i am so amazed to these water falls. it looks like im wanting to go now!

  9. Victoria Heckstall says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never been there, I’m sure my husband would love to go there soon.

  10. Our Family World says:

    Amazing photo! It’s my dream to visit Michigan’s water falls! I’ll make sure to bring my family there.

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    Wow! That’s stunning! I would love to see these in person if time permits! Each one of the falls are beautiful in their own right. So magnificent!

  12. So picturesque! I’ve never seen a frozen waterfall but it looks so beautiful. We have a few friends from Michigan but never mentioned anything like this so I always pictured Michigan the way they would describe it in the winter…just snow! lol Thanks for sharing. Def a sight to see,

  13. Chloe says:

    Holy dooly, these look magical! Especially the waterfall with the snow, I’ve never seen anything so spectacular!

  14. These photos are spectacular. I’ve never seen a frozen waterfall before and have only seen a few moving waterfalls in my life. I’d love to see these one day.

  15. Tyler says:

    I absolutely love this post… I want to see them all!


  16. Our Family World says:

    Nature might be very cold on us but it’s very warm with its beauty. Although I was an instant fan of the second one, all of them are marvelous.

  17. Ellie says:

    Oh my gosh that first waterfall photo is incredibly beautiful! These look magical!


  18. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg what breathtaking photos!!!! I just love waterfalls

  19. Cristina L. says:

    Those are amazing. I have to admit that I never saw a waterfall in winter, but I already fall in love with this idea and the photos you shared.

  20. I wouldn’t mind hiking for a long time just to see a view like this! Everything’s beautiful! I didn’t know Michigan had so many falls!

  21. Kait says:

    Talk about magnificent! Those waterfalls are beautiful!

  22. Rosey says:

    It’s amazing how cool ice can look, isn’t it? St. Joe’s pier in the winter looks pretty spectacular frozen.

  23. These waterfalls are truly stunning. I love the mix of frozen water and flowing water. Such a sight to behold.

  24. ohmummymia says:

    oh my god it’s so magical! I love those pictures

  25. krystal says:

    Considering I have never seen snow, these are AMAZING sights. I’d love to visit one day in person.

  26. Dhemz says:

    oh, my goodness! These are totally stunning. I’ve never seen a frozen waterfalls in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Isnt nature so giving? Its beautiful. I would love to see all them waterfalls in winter then go grab a glass of mulled wine after

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