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November 11th, 2015 by MichiganLiving Renter’s Tip: How To Build and Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Landlord

A lot of us have always thought that landlords and renters are meant to be enemies. For the past few decades, the landlord and the renter have always viewed each other with great distrust. Landlords tend to think that the renters are doing some things to damage their properties. On the other hand, renters think that landlords are always out to get them by demanding higher rent.

Landlord Handshake

Despite this, it is about time that you should understand the fact that this should not always be the case. If you wish to enjoy your life in your new house for rent, then you should be willing to look past these prejudices and find a way to build a great relationship with your landlord.

Do you think this is impossible? With these tips, it is surely possible!

Always keep a calm head.

There are many things that can go wrong during your stay in the said rental. There are times when your air conditioning will stop working. There will be times when you will have to deal with noisy neighbors. There will be times when you will suffer from leaking and damaged plumbing. There will be days when you will have to worry about the security of your home. Whatever your problem is, it is best that you talk politely with your property manager. No matter how frustrated you are, it is never wise for you to talk to your property manager in an antagonistic way. Do not let your emotions get in the way. Be subjective about things and try to settle the matter in a calm and professional way. Your landlord will love you for it!

Take good care of the property.

This is one thing that your landlord will appreciate the most. Since you are renting the space, your landlord expects you to be the caretaker of the property. This is why you must make it a point to take on the responsibilities of daily maintenance of your home. Repair possible damages right away and stick to the policies on how you can decorate your place. Treat the rental as if it is your own home.

Be honest at all times.

Dishonesty is one thing that can strain your relationship with your landlord. Keep in mind that honesty is the best foundation of all relationships so being dishonest with your landlord can certainly cause a rift between the two of you. There are times when you think that it is best to lie (when you accidentally damage your property or when you violated some policies) but being honest during tough times will prove that you are a person of integrity.

Call your landlord or property manager by name.

If you wish to have a civil relationship with your landlord, then you should dial down the formality a bit. Know the name of your property manager or landlord and call him by his first name when you talk to him.

When you build and establish a good relationship with your property manager or landlord, you will be able to live and enjoy a prosperous life ahead.

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24 responses to “Renter’s Tip: How To Build and Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Landlord”

  1. Lisa Martens says:

    Great perspective on the relationship between renters and landlords. I think it is very important to build a relationship with your landlord and can have a positive influence on your rental experience.

  2. Good and important tips! I do think most people have decent landlord-tenant relationships, we just don’t hear about those ones. People are way more likely to share their complaints with those around them than talk about when things are going well.

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Great tips. We own a rental property and have had some good tenants and a few really bad ones.

  4. Meagan says:

    I have a great relationship with my landlord. I do remember he was very leery of my husband and I when we first moved in due to us being young. We even had a not so pleasant encounter. I kept my cool, even though it was hard, and he eventually realized his wife had made a mistake in our agreement which caused the unpleasant encounter to occur. Thanks so much for these great tips. I would also like to see a post on the other side of things as well.

  5. These are great tips! Some of these are good even if you’re not renting, just for building great relationships 🙂

  6. I live in an apt building, not a house, but the ladies in the office here are great – they call me by name, and know my apt. # when I show up to collect UPS or FedEx packages.

  7. tara pittman says:

    I wish all renters had this attitidude. Landlords would be so happy.

  8. angie says:

    we are currently buying our home but spent years renting. We have always had good relations with our land-lords and still can use them as refferals if we would choose. I agree with your tips and the only thing I can add is pay on time and if you will be late for any reason let them know ahead of time this will help keep everyone happy

  9. Exactly renters need to be mindful that they have to respect their landlords wishes

  10. michelle says:

    Good tips for me to know for the future.

  11. Krystal Miller says:

    Great tips! A good relationship is so important in both directions, for renter and landlord.

  12. I think like most relationships it’s about trust and being respectful.

  13. Becki says:

    As landlords, my husband and I also divide up the ‘duties.’ I’m available for all day-to-day money issues. Actual problems/complaints go through my husband. I appreciate that our tenants respect this and make the proper contacts for what they need.

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    Being honest is important, especially when you’re short on the rent. Of course, taking good care of the property is helpful too!

  15. Chanelle says:

    Great tips for renters.

  16. Liz Mays says:

    It’s been a while since I had a landlord, but I definitely tried to follow these tips. I didn’t want my landlord to be my enemy.

  17. Claudette says:

    I have a great relationship with my landlady! These tips and more are what I used.

  18. my brother rents and his landlord is great in some aspects and a terror in other – so I guess it all evens out right?

  19. Angie Scheie says:

    Great post! I am curious though on the point of making repairs as soon as possible. Isn’t that the job of the landlord? I understand if renters damage something of their own, but if it’s something on the house that is falling apart (like our shower molding for example) isn’t that something they should take care of?

  20. Lexie Lane says:

    Being honest in all your dealings is so important not just in renter-landlord relationship but in any kind of relationship. Along the course of the rent period, it will be inevitable to have issues with the property. Just be honest, and respectful 🙂

  21. Lauren says:

    A relationship like this is so essential! I find the nicer I am the more promptly any repairs get done ;D

  22. Dogvills says:

    We rented before. These are all true. It’s very important that you maintain a good relationship with your landlord.

  23. Shaylee says:

    Definitely great points to keep a good relationship with a landlord! Luckily, mine is my Mother-In-Law haha she’s very easy to get along with 😉

  24. Sojourner says:

    Relationship building whether with your landlord or super is so important when renting.

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