8 Proven Effective Tips To Rise Above The Rental Applicant’s List

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If you are hunting for a good house for rent in the middle of a busy city, the competition is surely quite fierce. If you want to make your rental application stand out from the crowd, here are few expert, proven to be effective tips that you should try out.

Visit the house for rent early

If you stumble upon a house for rent in an online listing, contact the landlord or property manager immediately and kindly ask if its possible to visit the house early. Kindly ask if you can take a peek of the unit before the open house. Use this moment to make a personal connection with the landlord or property manager before they entertain other applicants. And on the day of the open house, make sure that you are the first person to arrive at the site and fill out the application right out.

Stay later on the open house day

After the open house ended, make use of the extra time (while the landlord or property manager is packing up) to chat with the person in charge of the rental. Just do a casual light talk and let them know your high interest in renting their property.

Let them know how good tenant you are

Make use of the light casual talk to demonstrate or indicate your plus factors. Like for example, let them know how you spend your weekends at home. How clean you are as a homeowner and as a person. How you wanted to live in a clean, dust-free place as much as possible.

Prepare all necessary documents

Make sure to bring all necessary documents with you upon visiting the place on the open house. Most landlords or property managers will ask any or even all of the following docs:

Verification of employment

Copies of bank statements and income tax returns

Cash or a checkbook to cover the credit check and even the application fee

Referral from current or past landlords

Bring enough money

The number 1 reason why the property owner wants to rent out their place is money. So make sure to bring enough cash and if you can afford it, tell them your willingness to cover few months of rent in advance. Aside from showing them your capability to pay rent on time, they will surely think that you are financially secure.

Sign longer lease

You can also indicate in your application your intention to rent out the place for a much longer duration. It will show your financial stability and your utmost willingness to rent at their property.

Act faster than everyone else

If you saw a house for rent and you think that it’s the one you want and need, then don’t waste anytime and contact the landlord or property manager immediately. Don’t wait for the open house and don’t wait for the landlord/apartment manager to post their property online. Act fast and submit an application before everyone else do.

Do follow ups

Conduct a follow up on your application after few days of submitting it to the landlord or property manager. Be polite with it and let them know, again, your high interest in renting out their property. Reiterate the reasons why you want to live in their house and what makes you the ideal tenant.

These tips can surely get your application high up the list. Follow all of them and surely, you’ll get the house for rent that you really wanted.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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