7 Expert Tips and Advice For Moving House In Winter

Moving house during winter months is really a tough challenge. If you have no other option but to immediately transfer into another home during the snow season, here are some expert tips and advice that you can follow.

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Hire professional movers with lots of experience in winter move.

Not all moving company offers the same service or shares the same experiences. Some of them might be just starting out in this kind of business while some doesn’t like moving during winter. It’s quite important to ask them if they can handle the job even at the snowiest weather. With issues like icy roads, snow storms and insulated packing, it’s best to ask them if they can do the job before signing the agreement.

Keep your pathway and walk way snow and ice-free on moving day.

Avoid slipping, sliding and falling by de-icing your pathways and walkways on moving day. You and the movers you hire will spend a lot of time walking from your house to their van carry heavy boxes, furniture and items from your house. Put some extra salt at your driveway, walkways and sideways a day before the move to avoid accidents during the day of the move. And oh, don’t forget to do the same thing at your new home to avoid nasty slips and falls. If this sounds too tedious, simply hire a local snow removal service for few extra bucks.

Protect your floors.

This tip applies to your soon to be home and current home. Control the dirt, mud and mess at your floor by laying down some flattened carton boxes or even old rugs and towels that can serve as pathways for people who are walking in and out of your home. If the snow is heavy or it’s raining heavily while you are moving, this tip can surely save you from a lot of stress and headache.

Keep your boxes safe and dry.

Ask the movers you hire to double check their van for wet spots that might damage your boxes. Also, it’s pretty important to stack your boxes in a dry place in your house before moving day arrives. The water will make boxes soggy and can create damage to your items eventually. So always remember this tip.

Prepare hot drinks.

Keep you and the movers you hire warm and comfortable by preparing hot coffee or chocolate for them to enjoy. You can serve them before the move and also after the move. The warmer your body feels, the easier the move during the chilly season.

Prepare a winter essentials kit.

Prepare a winter kit or box with items like kettle, hot drinks, blankets, towels, snow shovels and any other items that can be useful in your winter move. Place them within your reach so you can easily get them when the situation calls for it.

Keep calm, relax and don’t rush things out.

Don’t rush the move. Take things slowly to avoid accidents and any unpleasant situation. Things will take extra time to finish because of the challenging snowy situation.

  • I remember moving in the winter when I was little – the first thing we had set up was our Christmas tree! I didn’t even think about all the extra mud and muck being tracked around.

  • When you’re ready to talk with movers about your upcoming move, you need to be prepared for the conversation. For longer moves, especially moves involving the entire family, a full-fledged team of professional movers might be the right choice for you. While it is one of the more expensive moving options, professional movers often employ a team of moving professionals to assist in the packing and unpacking process, which can be an ideal when moving an entire household. For smaller moves, renting a truck for a day or two can be a much more practical and economical solution than hiring professional movers. Wherever your next move takes you, it’s best to evaluate all of your options to find the moving solution that suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple moving companies and explore all of your options before making a solution. Happy moving!

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