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April 10th, 2017 by MichiganLiving 7 Amazing Things to Do and Places to Visit in Flint, Michigan

Despite the water crisis and bad publicity, Flint is still considered as one of the must visit cities in Michigan by many. People still considers the city as one of Michigan’s gem in terms of destinations and attractions.

There are plenty of things to do and places to see in Flint. Below are some of the best ones that you might want to check out.

Buick Automotive Gallery – 303 Walnut St, Flint, MI 48503

Sloan Museum’s Buick Automotive Gallery features over 25 classic and concept Buicks, Chevrolets and other automobiles built in Flint. Regular feature cars exhibited include our five concept cars designed by Buick: 1951 XP-300, 1954 Wildcat II, 1956 Centurion, 1963 Silver Arrow I and 1977 Phantom. A Hellcat Tank Destroyer built by Buick during World War II is also on display. Source.

Stepping Stone Falls – 5161 Branch Road Flint, MI 48506

This beautiful manmade falls holds back the Flint River, creating the 600-acre Mott Lake. A pleasant, easy walk takes visitors to the falls and a series of overlooks. Underwater lights illuminate the falls at night. The Genesee Belle Riverboat departs from the falls Sunday evenings for a 45-minute cruise.  Source.

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Flint Children’s Museum – 1602 W. University Ave. Flint, MI 48504

Today, the FCM serves more than 40,000 children and families each year. Through the support of generous donors and community partners, the FCM provides unique educational experience to the youngest and most at-risk youth – and always attempting to expand our reach into the community to serve as many children as possible. For nearly 35 years, the FCM has enjoyed supporting the development of every child through hands-on learning experiences and is dedicated to continuing to serve as many children and families as possible. Source.

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Longway Planetarium – 1310 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503

Featuring 129 seats under an impressive 52 1/2-foot dome, the Longway Planetarium is Michigan’s largest planetarium. For more than half a century, Flint’s Longway Planetarium has been a major resource of science education for students and families. The largest planetarium in the state, it has brought the stars to more than 2.5 million people since its opening on June 26, 1958.

Sloan Museum – 1221 E. Kearsley Street. Flint, Michigan 48503

Regional history, historic automobiles and hands-on science are major features of the Sloan Museum. Dramatic settings, video programs and hundreds of artifacts and photographs portray the area’s tumultuous 20th century history in the Flint and the American Dream exhibit.

Titanic exhibit and Flint, MI history

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Flint Institute of Arts – 1120 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503

Known as the second largest museum in Michigan, the Flint Institute of Arts features over 8,000 historical objects and artifacts, some of which back to over 5,000 years ago. The place also serves as a campus for around 2000 students and an event place for diverse lineup of special events, occasions and exhibits.

Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad – 6140 Bray Road, Flint, MI 48505

If you love history and wanted to have a taste of life from years ago, then visit the Crossroads Village. The village is a collection of restored 19th century buildings, amusement rides and authentic narrow-gauge railroad. Here you’ll see what life “way back when” was all about. From the smithing of the iron to the churning of the butter to the pressing of the cider and more!

You can also take a 40-minute journey at Huckleberry Railroad while riding their authentic steam locomotive that takes you along the shores of Mott Lake, down a stretch of the historic Pere Marquette roadbed and back into the heart of Crossroads Village.

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This list of Flint attractions and destinations are just few of the many. For more of Flint, Michigan, visit this webpage at Michigan.Org.

Featured image credit: Michigan Municipal League


35 responses to “7 Amazing Things to Do and Places to Visit in Flint, Michigan”

  1. robin rue says:

    If I ever make it to Michigan, I will check these out! Sounds like lots of fun.

  2. Liz @ Yes/No Films says:

    Crossroads Village is fun, I’ve been there once. Haven’t been to the others on this list yet.

  3. Amanda K says:

    I grew up in Michigan and forgot how beautiful Flint was! We need to a take an extended weekend trip to visit. The kids would love checking all of these site out…especially the stepping stones!

  4. Fantastic post. I have yet to visit any of these great places. I am adding these to my to do list!

  5. Heather says:

    Yeah, all I know about Flint is it’s water Crisis. It’s nice to see that there are things that can keep visitors coming back. My children would love the Planetarium.

  6. Tara pittman says:

    My boys would love a train ride. That train would be on our list.

  7. I would add the stepping stone falls to my list. That looks like a peaceful, fun place to visit.

  8. Flint really does have a lot of interesting places to visit. I love stepping stone falls and Crossroads Village. My son loves to ride the train there.

  9. This look so fun! I wish I can be there someday and ride that good looking train.

  10. Amber Myers says:

    These all look like a blast! I’ll keep them in mind if we ever visit the area.

  11. Becki says:

    Huckleberry Railroad is a must visit for us at least once a year! The Children’s Museum is also fun 🙂

  12. adriana says:

    Flint seems like an amazing city! Despite what’s going on, it still seems beautiful! Definitely want to visit!

  13. My husband went to college in Flint and we use to visit often. WE love the Huckleberry railroad!

  14. Museums and history… that sounds like my type of place. I would love to visit!

  15. Elizabeth O. says:

    I have never been to Flint before and it would be nice to go there and just tour the historical places. It’s always been a thing of mine to visit museums whenever I travel.

  16. These all look like fun places to visit. The Stepping Stone Falls would hold my interest.

  17. Gábor says:

    Wow! theres really a lo to do in flint. If im ever close I want to visit there…

  18. Cindy Gordon says:

    I was just recently in Michigan. We very much enjoyed our stay so it sounds like Flint would be a great spot for us!

  19. We were there last year. Its very beautiful place. We visited Stepping Stone Falls it was very scenic

  20. Neha Saini says:

    Flint, Michigan is most attractive place. Buick Automotive Gallery is wonderful display of World War 2. I wish to visit that place one day.

  21. kelly reci says:

    I always wanted to go there. One of my favorite place. These all tips will be noted.

  22. Julie Syl says:

    What a cool place! It really needs to visit because its truly awesome.

  23. Jay Simms says:

    A good friend of mine lives there. I will have to tell her about these things.

  24. Josselyn Radillo says:

    the cars exhibited that include cars designed by Buick: 1951 XP-300, 1954 Wildcat II, 1956 Centurion looks so amazing. i love cars so much

  25. wendy says:

    I have never been there but wouldn’t mind going to visit! I love the photos! You capture everything perfectly!

  26. To see the Stepping Stone Falls and take a train ride would be the best ones for me. I did not know there were other fun activities to do in Flint! Great place to visit!

  27. Emily says:

    I have never visited Flint before. Whenever we go to a new city the local children’s museum is always a stop for us. This one seems like a lot of fun!

  28. How fun! I love a planetarium. I don’t think I’ve been to Flint outside of just passing through for a meeting or something. I will have to check it out.

  29. I have not been to Flint MI and it looks like an amazing place to visit. I know there are issues in the news about the water and all, but I would still want to be on that train ride!

  30. Louisa says:

    I’ve only heard of Flint from movies but I can see there’s much to explore. Also learned that it has contributed much and has had some firsts in history.

  31. lorena says:

    It looks so fun, I would love to visit once with my kids. I am glad you share it, thank you

  32. Our boys would LOVE the children’s museum. We try to go to local ones each month.

  33. Nichole Shirell says:

    This is a great list. I would love to visit the Buick plant

  34. krystal says:

    My friend moved nearby so I should let her know. There are good things in Michigan after all.

  35. maria han says:

    I haven’t been there but it looks so much fun, I love all the photos and it makes me want to go there soon

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