4 Best Bathroom Accessories For Seniors

Bathrooms are the most accident prone places in the entire house for every person, especially the seniors. Water, slippery floors, hard ceramic fixtures and increased mobility in the bathroom enhance the risk of falls and injuries, and also require proper cleaning. To improve bathroom safety for elder lies, a variety of products are available in the market. These products can be installed easily without major remodeling of the bathroom and can be purchased online at sites like ABL Tile Center.

Bathroom Accessories

The range of products includes:

Grab Rails

Available in different sizes, these comfort bars provide a stable surface to hold for increased stability. They can be strategically installed in high risk areas of the bathroom like near the toilet seat or bathtub. Grab bars can be installed permanently or you can use suction rails. These versatile and inexpensive bars are a good protective measure to alleviate bathroom injuries.

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats come in three varieties; elevated seats, seats with backrest and seats with arm rests. Elevated toilet seats make toilets higher and more convenient to get on and off. These are ideal for old people or those with restricted movement. They come with integrated, detachable or foldable arm rests for further ease.

Shower Seats

Bathtubs are most susceptible to accidents due to their slick surface. Besides installing grab rails near them, shower seats can also be used to minimize the risk of falls. They allow you to sit comfortably in the bathtub. Moreover, they are a perfect solution to the people who have balance issues or those who cannot stand for long and get tired easily. The different varieties among shower seats include shower stool (without back), shower chair (with back), foldable shower chair (to save space) NS shower board. Each type serves its own purpose, so buy the one that suits your requirements.

Hand Held Shower Heads For Elderly

In old age, simple tasks like taking bath can get tiring because of constant movement, bending and stretching. In such cases, hand held shower heads can prove to be a blessing. With extendible shower hose and adjustable height features, you can easily wash yourself without any assistance. These hand held shower heads with temperature adjustment can be installed at home with minimum effort and time. They also come with messaging feature, especially for people with stiff muscles.

Every year thousands of senior citizens get injured or die due to tripping in the bathroom If you have senior persons in your home, it’s wise to install the right bathroom safety accessories to prevent accidents.


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