4 Awesome Tips on How To Paint Your Ceiling Safely and Easily

Painting any parts of the house requires great amount of time, effort and patience – most especially if you are doing the ceiling. Painting the ceiling is not only a tough task but also a risky one if you don’t know how to get it done safely and correctly. This is why some opt to hire services that will do the job.  But, if you prefer doing it yourself, here are few tips and advice that can surely help you out.


Use the right ladder.

Always remember that not all ladders are created equal. There are some that is specifically designed for painting job. Use tall ladder that has a tray attached into it where you can put your paint (can or tray) while doing the job.

Use the right paint brush.

Having the right tools and equipment truly helps a lot in getting things done, safely and easily.  Same thing goes with ceiling painting. A roller brush with long handle might be required to do the task. Make sure that you have it available before doing the job. Also, it’s best to buy an extra brush just in case the one you are using breaks down.

Take breaks and relax your shoulders from time to time.

Keep your shoulder relaxed at all times while painting the ceiling. Make sure that you take breaks from time to time as well. When you feel like your shoulder is going sore or tight, take a minute of break to release the tension. Get off the ladder and do some neck rolls, stretch your arms and shoulders.

Ask for help.

Ask few friend s of yours to help you out. Some may decline but some will surely say yes to help you with the painting job. Just make sure to repay them with something after the task is done. A fancy dinner or few shots at the bar will always do. Having someone around can also greatly help if accident occurs.

These tips and advice will not only make your task easier, they can also keep you away from danger while doing the job.

36 thoughts on “4 Awesome Tips on How To Paint Your Ceiling Safely and Easily

  1. Painting is not one of my favorite tasks around the house and ceilings are especially bad! It really does make your back and shoulders sore if you do it for too long…a long massage is usually in order afterwards!

  2. It’s always nice to be able to paint the house on your own. Thanks for the tips on how to paint the ceiling! I’ve been thinking about a color change for some time now.

  3. This is perfect timing. I need to paint my house soon. We have high ceilings and its going to be a pain. My dad used a broomstick on the roller to do the ceiling. I plan on doing the same.

  4. What brilliant ideas you have. I am planning of repainting our ceiling in our kitchen and this post is very helpful!

  5. I have never had to paint a ceiling before and it looks like quite a task. I am not sure of tackling it on my own so I will definitely ask for help.

  6. Thanks for all the tips to make this job that much easier! I have painted walls before and that was hard enough.

  7. I have only tried to paint my ceiling one time. That was enough for me. Next time, either another member of my family will do it, or I am calling a professional. Painting is for the birds!

  8. I’ve painted walls and ceilings, and even the exterior of our house. I think it’s relaxing sometimes to delve into the big projects for the house and paint gives you an instant facelift.

  9. Great painting tips! I suck at painting…. So I now hire people to do it. The last time I tried myself… Yeah…. My hubby still reminds me on how bad it was to this day lol

  10. We usually hire someone to do the job but I find it nice to read these tips like as if I’m going to do the job. One good point for taking breaks is when to do it, maybe a certain room first before taking a 10 minute smoothie? Yowza.

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