6 Crazy Street and Road Names In Michigan That Are Truly Hilarious!

Not all street and road names are created equal. Some are made to define the uniqueness and characteristics of the place while some are taken from the last name of a popular person living in the area. Some has great and historical meanings behind them while some are plain playful and silly.

Just like any other states in the USA, Michigan also has its own share of crazy street and road names. Below are some of the most popular ones that made a lot of people giggle while passing by.

Emanon Street, Dearborn Michigan


Emanon sounds like a name that has deep roots or history. But if you will spell it backwards, it will give you the phrase “No Name”. Clever right?

No Name Road, Livonia Michigan

Only people living in Livonia Michigan for decades can surely answer why this road is named as No Name Road.

Stoner Street, River Rouge Michigan


The story behind the name of this street varies a lot. All I know is that majority of those stories are connected to “getting high” all the time.

Psycho Path, Traverse City Michigan


The Psycho Path road was once voted as the America’s most bizarre street name (The Car Connection’s Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names contest). The name of this road was the brainchild of someone with silly sense of humor. Crazy right?

Crooks Road & Corporate Drive Intersection, Troy Michigan


The reason behind these names still puzzles a lot of people including me. All that I know is that Troy Michigan is the home of many corporate offices and buildings. Make sense?

Hiscock Street, Ann Arbor Michigan


No explanation needed in this one. Just read it and you’ll know why it belongs to this list of crazy road and street names in Michigan.

60 thoughts on “6 Crazy Street and Road Names In Michigan That Are Truly Hilarious!

  1. HA! I needed to read this today yup I wouldn’t be able to even imagine living on 123 Psycho Path.. how about keeping a straight face when having to say your address! I would love to know WHO gave these names to the street ha.

  2. Haha! I love this! I lived near 11 mile when I worked in Detroit so this was a fun little flashback. I am originally from PA & there are some insane gown names – like Blue Balls & Intercourse! LOL

  3. I’ve never seen so many fun names in one map! Lol. I think it’s great that you guys decided to name the streets according to what happened in the past or how you’d describe the people living there. It’s really interesting and fun!

  4. These are great. As a Michigander I’m only family with Crooks/Corporate Drive but never put them together. I love the noname backwards street and Psycho Path.

  5. Hahaha. This is really funny. What could possibly possess anyone to name a street Hiscock? SMH. I wonder how the kids in this place call this street.

  6. These are all too funny! I think it’s nice that they’re doing this, it makes the whole city unique but it’s also a little intimidating, I mean, who would drive by the Psycho Path? Lol.

  7. I have always wondered about the Town names being so different in Michigan and it is more fun to hear about these street names as well. They are truly hilarious and to me the best one is the ‘No Name Road’!

  8. There is always something funny about streets name or exit signs that are odd. You will never forget them no matter if you aren’t in the area anymore. When you do see it again, you have a little chuckle

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