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5 Extra-Ordinary Signature Foods of Michigan Cities That Everyone Should Try!

Much has been said about the amazing beauty and wonders of nature of Michigan. Not to mention those man-made attractions and art installations that the Michiganders are truly proud of.

Aside from beautiful destinations and mesmerizing attractions, Michigan also has a very delectable food community and industry. Below are some of the signature foods of Michigan cities that are truly delicious.

Coney dog – Detroit, Michigan

Coney dog is probably the most famous food in all of Detroit. And if you are craving for some, you can check out American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island. Both of them serves amazing Coney dog so yeah, let your taste buds choose who among them serves the best Coney dog in the Metro.

Hello, Detroit! SAVEUR PR queen @smac315 is raving about this coney dog at @lafayetteconeyisland. It’s a beef and pork dog with mustard onions and special Coney sauce. Perfection đź“·: @smac315 #eattheworld

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Super fun to hang out & eat great coney dogs with my friend Hannah this weekend! To celebrate, I copied and pasted one man’s testimony from the restaurant website’s ‘testimonials’ page! Check it! “I have ordered 20 Coney Islands from American Coney Island in downtown Detroit. This is enough to both harden my arteries and see me through to the spring. What joy! What happiness is now mine as I prepare to eat these delectable treates while drinking beer and watching the big game on Sunday!” -Adam

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Wet burrito – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wet burrito is the specialty in Grand Rapids. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s a burrito topped with enchilada sauce and shredded cheese. Sounds new and odd? Not really as its truly delicious and yummy.

Wet burritos and tacos @tacoboygr #tacoboygr #tacoboy #tacosgr #tacos #taco #burrito #wetburrito

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Paczki – Hamtramck, Michigan

Hamtramck has a rich Polish history.  They celebrate their Polish culture yearly along side with a very special day called the Paczki Day. It’s a city-wide holiday filled with traditional Polish pastry known as paczki.

So… it’s that time of the year. 🍩 Where’s your favorite place to get paczki for Fat Tuesday? đź“·: @newpalacebakery #Hamtramck #paczki #PeachesAndCream

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Pasties – The Upper Peninsula

Pasties are the most popular local food in the Upper Peninsula.  It’s like a traditional food that every Michigander should eat for once in a while. If you are a fan of pastries, you will surely love this one.

Probably a good idea…

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 Olive burger – West Michigan

Olives on burger Is quite a thing in West Michigan.  Olive burger is a regular food that you can see at West Michigan food shops and restaurants. It’s a very flavorful burger that you won’t taste anywhere else but in Michigan.

How do you know that you are in West Michigan? OLIVE BURGERS!!! @dadscc #dadscc #burgerporn #burgers #burger #oliveburger @woodlandmall

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These foods are just some of the amazing perks of visiting or better yet, living in Michigan. Now, who’s hungry?

5 Picturesque Rivers In Michigan That Are Perfect For Tubing During Summertime

Summer in Michigan is truly fun and exciting. There are lots of outdoor activities anyone can do in The Great Lakes States and one of the most popular is river tubing.

With over 36,000 miles of rivers, river tubing in Michigan has become one of the most favorite summertime activities by the locals and tourists. River tubing allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm weather while floating above the cold water. This kind of experience can certainly take your stress away while giving you one of the most memorable summertime moments you won’t ever forget.

If you wanted to try river tubing in Michigan, below are some of the best locations that you should check out. They all offer nothing but the best river tubing experience that you will surely love.

Platte River

The Platte River is located in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Its mouth is located in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and much of the rest is in the Pere Marquette State Forest. Cool off with a relaxing float on a tube or raft down the Platte River on a hot summer day. The river is shallow and clear, and while it moves along at a good pace, there are no rapids to contend with. You will see a multitude of different wildflowers and birds on your trip, so pay careful attention to the shoreline. Source.

First float of the summer was a success #summer #platteriver #summerdaze #upnorth

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Thornapple River

The Thornapple River is an 88.1-mile-long (141.8 km) tributary of Michigan’s longest river, the Grand River. Originally used for fur trading, and the lumber and milling industries, this river is now primarily a recreational wonderland. It offers calm waters and good fishing along its length. This river also features a historic covered bridge in Ada near the mouth of the river. Source.

Although I might cry because I couldn’t join them, I’m still happy I got to see everyone off. #tubing2017 #weddingseasonkillsmysociallife #catererlife

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Chippewa River

The Chippewa River is a stream in Michigan that runs 91.8 miles through the central Lower Peninsula. The Chippewa River flows through Mt. Pleasant and is the focal point of five parks in the city: Riverside Park, Millpond Park, Nelson Park, Chipp-A-Water, and Island Park. The Chippewa River is perfect for a leisurely trip on the water. Canoeing, tubing, and kayaking are favorite past times of residents, students, and visitors to the area. Source.

When in doubt, throw it back. #Floating #Tubing #BestFriends #ReunionSpecial #WeekendAdventures #MichiganSummers #MtP

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Huron River

The Huron River is a 130-mile-long river in southeastern Michigan, rising out of the Huron Swamp in Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake Township in northern Oakland County and flowing into Lake Erie on the boundary between Wayne County and Monroe County. In addition to thirteen parks, game areas, and recreation areas, the river passes through the cities of Dexter, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Belleville, Flat Rock and Rockwood.

The Huron River is a typical Southeast Michigan stream; mud banks, slow stream flow and a low gradient define this river.   For kayaking, canoeing, fishing on a fly, and other freshwater pursuits, follow the Water Trail to learn what others already know– the Huron River is a Michigan treasure worth exploring. Source

A beautiful day to float down the Huron River through Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor. ______________________________________________________________ #annarbor #michigan #exploreannarbor #goblue #universityofmichigan #nicholsarboretum #summer #june #nature #outdoors #river #huronriver #hike #discover #explore #adventure #moodygrams #instagood #photooftheday #funtimes #water #goodtimes #woods #forest #sky #boating #sun #warmth #nicoleadventures

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Muskegon River

Muskegon River is a river in the western portion of the lower peninsula of the U.S. state of Michigan. Like many of its neighboring streams, the Muskegon was one of the favored logging rivers during the boom years of the 1880s-1890s, and a keen eye can still pick out remnants of stray logs left over from the spring logging runs which are embedded on the river bottom.

Muskegon River is Michigan’s second largest river only to the Grand River. It is surprisingly quite slow, making it perfect for beginners learning in tubing, kayak or canoe. Being such a peaceful river, it promises ample opportunities for viewing wildlife. This factor attracts tourists from across the state, and the world. Source

michigan likes to trick you into thinking you’d want to move back with a day like this

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For more “river tubing in Michigan” information and details, you can check out the following resources:

9 Lazy Rivers In Michigan That Are Perfect For Tubing On A Summer’s Day

River Tubing In Michigan

7 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit and Stay in Michigan This Summer

Michigan summer is truly fun and exciting!  With its mesmerizing wonders of nature surrounded by heavenly bodies of water, summer in the Great Lakes State is totally one of the best ever.

There are plenty of reasons to visit and vacation in Michigan this summer. Although it might not offer the kind of entertainment that the other state has (like California, Florida or Hawaii), one thing is for sure, you will surely enjoy what Michigan has to offer.

Beautiful, world famous beaches

Yes, we might not have the views of the ocean but as the “Great Lakes State”, our freshwater sceneries are much better than some of the most beautiful seas you know. From the clear water of Lake Michigan up to the soothing waves of Lake Superior, beaches here are truly enchanting!

Hiking and biking trails

Love to explore the outdoors this summer season? Try some of the best biking trails and hiking trails that Michigan has to offer. All of the trails in Michigan offer breathtaking views that you won’t find anywhere else.

Hike Trails

Summer festivals

Summer festivals in Michigan totally rocks! Here are few of the many that will surely captivate your heart – 9 Kind of Weird Yet Wonderful Summer Festivals in Michigan.

Jaw-dropping sunrise and sunset

Are you a fan of beautiful sunrise and sunset?  In Michigan, you can witness both! To give you a good glimpse of it, check out this article post – LOOK! Stunning Images of Michigan Sunrises.

Sunrise Michigan

Beer, locally-brewed, award winning beer!

Michigan has its own beer festival for a reason. With its amazing numbers of award-winning local breweries, you can surely satisfy your beer belly in this summer destination. For starters, check out this list of Award Winning Craft Breweries in Michigan.

Enjoy the dunes

Explore the world famous Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and found out why it was once named as The Most Beautiful Place in America. If this place is not enough, consider visiting all of the places mentioned at this post – 6 Jaw-Dropping Scenic Overlooks In Michigan.

Michigan Summer Dunes

Enchanting waterfalls

With almost over 200 waterfalls in Michigan, you will surely be able to stumble across one of them even if it’s totally unplanned.  And to give you what Michigan waterfalls looks like, check out this blog post – 19 Enchanting Waterfalls Of Michigan That You Must See!

If this list won’t convince you to stay in or visit Michigan this summer season, I don’t know what else will!

Bonus read:

WARNING: This Video Will Make You Want To Explore Michigan This Summer!


Moving To The Coast?

Living in Michigan has so many advantages. For Michiganders and newcomers, Michigan is a lifestyle. Surrounded by the Great Lakes, it has 3,000 miles of waterfront property. Tens of thousands of lakes and millions of acres of woodlands, it boast award-winning resort and vacation destinations.

People hunt, fish, ski, and golf. You’ve got pro sports teams, wineries, and breweries, along with are great museums and universities. Forever green and teaming with more wildlife than tourists, Michigan is home for many. But, sometimes you have to move to one coast or the other.

Life in Manhattan

Big Michigan employers sometimes transfer you to New York. Manhattan means a big change. Not a bad change, but something very new. Fortunately, you have a variety of good housing options available in the city.


Looking for Manhattan apartments for rent will take you all over the narrow island city. South of the majestic Central Park stand the skyscrapers where almost everyone works. With a great deal of luck and a big wallet, you might find rentals in Lower Manhattan or older apartments in bohemian Greenwich Village south of 14th Street, but near the financial district.

Going north of Central Park puts you in competition with the students at Columbia University and into established historical neighborhoods of Harlem and Bedford Stuyvesant. That makes Manhattan’s East Side your best option. A careful search finds locations like The Cole, on East 91 St. between the residences of the wealthy on the Upper East Side and the picturesque East River.

Studios and one to three bedroom apartments feature balconies. Most include solid core doors, spacious closets, washer/dryer combinations, and barnwood-style flooring. Kitchens and baths feature quartz countertops, Bosch appliances, and Moen fixtures.

The modernized complex creates a neighborhood community with a comfortable fireplace and library off the 24/7 attended lobby. Management and parking are on site at this pet-friendly residence. There’s a private barbecue deck with conversational sections, and a rooftop lounge featuring billiards and a total fitness center. 

Life in the Bay Area

Maybe you’d rather work on the other coast. A job may take you to San Mateo County in the San Francisco Bay area, an easy commute to the high-tech employers in the area or to positions in The City.

Bay Area San Francisco

You might look at apartments like these in Belmont, CA. They promote The Glen as “a haven of balanced living,” a residential community between work and play.

Floorplans offer studios to three bedroom suites with two baths and balconies on most units. These are remodeled apartment homes in an established and landscaped community. Apartments feature quartz countertops, stainless appliances, washers and dryers, wood-like flooring, and marble bathrooms.

The community property includes a cool pool, fitness studio, and furnished BBQ patio. Parking and on-site maintenance are also appreciated perks.

Near US 101, just south of San Mateo and a little farther from San Francisco, you have public transportation to work, entertainment, dining, and shopping in addition to the pleasant walks in and around Belmont.

Making Moves Easy

It’s not easy leaving Michigan, but if you must relocate, you can count on foolproof merchant services to make transitions easier. Your credit cards give you universal access to relocation needs because of contemporary merchant services that let shops, markets, restaurants, and more process your checks and credit cards securely, quickly, and accurately.

So, if you’re faced with leaving the great state of Michigan on your decision or not, you have great options on both costs. Do some research, compare cost of living, and make plans to make moving an adventure!

12 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Michigan But You Should!

Michigan is famous for a lot of things. From the magnificent lighthouses up to jaw-dropping waterfalls and mesmerizing man-made bridges, Michigan truly has it all. The Mitten State also has its fair share of oddities such as the crazy laws and weird yet amazing road side attractions. These things is what makes Michigan one of the most unique states in America.

And to know more of Michigan, below are some of the “less popular but very significant” facts that you probably haven’t heard before.


  1. Martin Luther King Jr. first made his “I have a dream” speech in Detroit two months before the Lincoln memorial speech. Two months before the march in Washington, King delivered his speech at Cobo Hall in Detroit, in a rally known as “The Walk to Freedom” where he led 125,000 people in the largest civil rights demonstration the nation had seen at the time.
  2. Aside from being one of the oldest operating hotel (over 100 years old) the Grand Hotel located on Mackinac Island boasts the world’s longest front porch at 660 feet.
  3. Detroit was the first city to have a paved road. And oh, Detroit was the first Michigan capital before it was permanently moved to Lansing in 1847 because the legislators back then believes that the capitol was in constant danger (in Detroit) and voted to have it moved (to Lansing).
  4. The word “Yooper” was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2014. Definition of Yooper:  a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan —used as a nickname.
  5. Vernor’s pop was created by accident by a Detroit pharmacist named  James Vernor. According to the history books, Vernor accidentally left an experimental ginger ale in an oak cask for four years while he was off fighting in the Civil War. And once he returned, the rest is history.
  6. The Upper Peninsula’s area code is “906” which encompasses all of the UP. Yes, they only one area code.
  7. President Gerald Ford grew up in Grand Rapids and was a star football player at Grand Rapids South High School. Because of his skills and popularity, the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers once tried recruiting him after playing for the University of Michigan.
  8. Detroit has its own local currency, the Detroit Community Scrip or more commonly called as the Detroit Cheers. The Cheers are backed by US currency and are fully exchangeable for an equal amount of U.S. dollars. Cheers are available in only the $3 denomination. The standardized face of the Cheer features the Spirit of Detroit over the Detroit Skyline.
  9. Muskegon, Michigan, is home to Snurfing – an early version of snowboarding.   From 1968 through the late 1970s, snurfer racing competitions were held in Muskegon, Michigan.
  10. In Michigan, it’s illegal to buy or sell a car on a Sunday. The exact wording of the law is as follows: “It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of buying, selling, trading or exchanging new, used or second-hand motor vehicles or offering to buy, sell, trade or exchange, or participate in the negotiation thereof, or attempt to buy, sell, trade or exchange any motor vehicle or interest therein, or of any written instrument pertaining thereto, on the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday.”
  11. Michigan also has its own version of the “Bermuda Triangle”. The “Michigan Triangle” is the site of many ship and plane disappearances. The said mysterious triangle consists of Benton Harbor and Ludington, Michigan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
  12. Michigan is home to the most educated man on the planet, Michael Nicholson. He has 1 bachelor’s degree, 2 associate’s degree, 22 master’s degrees, 3 specialist degrees, and 1 doctoral degree.


6 Awesome Corn Mazes In Michigan

Corn mazes are quite popular in Michigan. The thrill and excitement it can give is what makes most people spend a lot of time into it especially during the fall season.

And unlike other corn mazes from the other state, the corn mazes in Michigan are truly beautiful and amazing. They are pretty big too and features different kind of design and adventure each and every year.

Below are some of the most popular corn mazes in Michigan that you might want to visit sometime soon.

Crane Orchards – Fennville, MI

This 20-acre Corn Maze changes its design yearly, offering its guests and visitors a lot of excitement and fun! According to its webpage: “a lot of creative energy and a huge amount of work goes into this project every year to make it the best corn maze anywhere so our customers can enjoy even more family fun during their visit to Crane Orchards”. For more info, you can visit their website – Corn Maze Crane Orchards.

2016 Crane Orchards Corn Maze

DeBuck’s Corn Maze – Belleville, MI

DeBuck’s Corn Maze offers some of the best fall fun in the Detroit-Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. It has more than 13 acres of twisting and winding trails and their Giant Corn Maze is composed of 3 mazes with varying degrees of difficulty, with a total of more than 5 miles of trails. They also offer Night Maze experience for added excitement and fun. For more info, visit DeBuck’s Corn Maze website.

DeBuck's Corn Maze

Frankenmuth Corn Maze – Frankenmuth, MI

Although not as big compared to its counterparts, this corn maze is absolutely full of excitement and fun. It offers a mystery theme and provides clues that are hidden along the maze’s path. Check this place at Frankenmuth Corn Maze website.

Frankenmuth Corn Maze

Bestmaze Corn Maze – Williamston, MI

This is one of the most popular and oldest corn mazes in Michigan. It’s been serving the people for almost 17 years and counting. The corn maze also features a separated haunted maze called the Trail of Terror, perfect for adult thrill seekers and alike. Check out their website – BestMaze.

Bestmaze Corn Maze

The Blast Corn Maze – Dexter, MI

Located not far from Ann Arbor, Michigan, this corn maze offers a huge 10 acre field of corn with 3 1/2 miles of corn maze trails. It has 3 exits – short, medium, and full corn maze exits in order to accommodate various skill levels of corn maze fans & enthusiasts. You can check more of this maze at their official website.

Blast Corn Maze

Jacob’s Corn Maze – Traverse City, MI

Jacob’s Corn Maze features a world class computer designed 10 acre corn maze. Every year, it features different, out of this world designs that kids and adults will surely enjoy. One of their most recent creations is the “Everest Expedition” which is a big hit for their visitors. You can check them out at their official website – Jacob’s Corn Maze.

Jacob’s Corn Maze

These amazing corn mazes offer lots of excitement and fun for the whole family. If you wanted to relax and unwind, visit one of them soon!!

7 Amazing Things to Do and Places to Visit in Flint, Michigan

Despite the water crisis and bad publicity, Flint is still considered as one of the must visit cities in Michigan by many. People still considers the city as one of Michigan’s gem in terms of destinations and attractions.

There are plenty of things to do and places to see in Flint. Below are some of the best ones that you might want to check out.

City of Flint Michigan

Buick Automotive Gallery – 303 Walnut St, Flint, MI 48503

Sloan Museum’s Buick Automotive Gallery features over 25 classic and concept Buicks, Chevrolets and other automobiles built in Flint. Regular feature cars exhibited include our five concept cars designed by Buick: 1951 XP-300, 1954 Wildcat II, 1956 Centurion, 1963 Silver Arrow I and 1977 Phantom. A Hellcat Tank Destroyer built by Buick during World War II is also on display. Source.

Age is a thing of beauty. • • • Visiting the Buick Automotive Gallery in Flint, Mi. #shebuyscars @raisingdickjane

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Stepping Stone Falls – 5161 Branch Road Flint, MI 48506

This beautiful manmade falls holds back the Flint River, creating the 600-acre Mott Lake. A pleasant, easy walk takes visitors to the falls and a series of overlooks. Underwater lights illuminate the falls at night. The Genesee Belle Riverboat departs from the falls Sunday evenings for a 45-minute cruise.  Source.

Such a restful place. Perfect place to read. #pureflint #puremichigan

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Flint Children’s Museum – 1602 W. University Ave. Flint, MI 48504

Today, the FCM serves more than 40,000 children and families each year. Through the support of generous donors and community partners, the FCM provides unique educational experience to the youngest and most at-risk youth – and always attempting to expand our reach into the community to serve as many children as possible. For nearly 35 years, the FCM has enjoyed supporting the development of every child through hands-on learning experiences and is dedicated to continuing to serve as many children and families as possible. Source.

Fun day with my loves ???

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Longway Planetarium – 1310 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503

Featuring 129 seats under an impressive 52 1/2-foot dome, the Longway Planetarium is Michigan’s largest planetarium. For more than half a century, Flint’s Longway Planetarium has been a major resource of science education for students and families. The largest planetarium in the state, it has brought the stars to more than 2.5 million people since its opening on June 26, 1958.

Publicity still for the 1961 Buick Special with the Longway Planetarium located in Flint, Michigan as the backdrop. #mcmdaily #buick #buickspecial #longwayplanetarium #usa?? mcmdaily.com

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Sloan Museum – 1221 E. Kearsley Street. Flint, Michigan 48503

Regional history, historic automobiles and hands-on science are major features of the Sloan Museum. Dramatic settings, video programs and hundreds of artifacts and photographs portray the area’s tumultuous 20th century history in the Flint and the American Dream exhibit.

Titanic exhibit and Flint, MI history

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Flint Institute of Arts – 1120 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503

Known as the second largest museum in Michigan, the Flint Institute of Arts features over 8,000 historical objects and artifacts, some of which back to over 5,000 years ago. The place also serves as a campus for around 2000 students and an event place for diverse lineup of special events, occasions and exhibits.

Today marks the beginning of a new season! The weather is finally changing and we are all looking forward to the coming warmer days and the new growth that comes with it. Here is a beautiful painting by Jan van Kessel to help celebrate the official beginning of Spring! http://ow.ly/3GEs30a5K0Z #flintarts #artsflint #springhassprung #spring #painting #flemishpainting #janvankessel From the FIA’s collection: Jan Van Kessel, Flemish, 1626–1679, Air, ca. 1647, Oil on copper, 30 x 39 inches. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Richards through the Viola E. Bray Charitable Trust Fund, 1965.33

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Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad – 6140 Bray Road, Flint, MI 48505

If you love history and wanted to have a taste of life from years ago, then visit the Crossroads Village. The village is a collection of restored 19th century buildings, amusement rides and authentic narrow-gauge railroad. Here you’ll see what life “way back when” was all about. From the smithing of the iron to the churning of the butter to the pressing of the cider and more!

You can also take a 40-minute journey at Huckleberry Railroad while riding their authentic steam locomotive that takes you along the shores of Mott Lake, down a stretch of the historic Pere Marquette roadbed and back into the heart of Crossroads Village.

#christmas #huckleberryrailroad #crossroadsvillage #traditions #michigan #familyfunday

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This list of Flint attractions and destinations are just few of the many. For more of Flint, Michigan, visit this webpage at Michigan.Org.

Featured image credit: Michigan Municipal League

5 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move To Michigan

Michigan is truly different and unique compared to other state. Aside from the crazy weather and few weird laws that are still in effect nowadays, The Mitten State also has its own share of unique characteristics and traits that you won’t see anywhere else.

If you are about to move in Michigan, here are few things that you might find odd at first. But don’t worry; sooner or later you will also learn how to live with them.

Michigan Lake

Wearing shorts year-round even at the coldest weather.

In Michigan, you’ll find plenty of people wearing shorts while clearing out their snow-covered pathways. It’s totally normal especially if the person is a true-blooded Michigander. The cold weather doesn’t bother them at all and if you stay in Michigan for good, you will surely learn this kind of habit as well.

There’s no soda in Michigan, only pop.

In Michigan, soda is called pop. You might find it hard at first to say pop instead of soda but after few years or so of staying and living in Michigan, it will surely become a habit.

People will talk to you even if you don’t know them personally.

If you are moving to Michigan from a big state or city that is not known for friendly charm and hospitality, you might be surprised when strangers started waving and talking to you on the street. Don’t worry about it as it’s a good ole’ Michigan thing.

Michigan lefts are not that complicated

For outsiders, turning left in the middle of the highway is quite odd and confusing, but not for Michiganders. So once you immerse yourself in Michigan, you will surely get used to the art of Michigan left.

Vernor’s can cure your upset stomach

Stomach pain? Don’t expect a Michigander to drink medicine for it! They’ll just grab a bottle of Vernor’s to cure it! Michiganders considers Vernor’s as an effective medicine alternative, and it’s really delicious too! Once you are settled in Michigan, do stock up some Vernor’s in your house.

These are just few of the many “Michigan thing” that you’ll learn once you are settled in The Mitten State.

9 Kind of Weird Yet Wonderful Summer Festivals in Michigan

Michigan can be really weird sometimes. Aside from the weird weather (4 seasons in a day), Michigan also has its own share of crazy laws and even weird traditions and festivals.

Below are some of the many weird summer festivals in Michigan that you probably don’t know about.  They might sound really odd but I assure you, they are so wonderful and amazing at their own rights!

CerealFest – Downtown Battle Creek – June 9th – 10th, 2017

Also known as the Cereal City Festival.  This festival highlights Battle Creek’s heritage as the birthplace of the cereal industry. This is one amazing tradition that draws people from far and wide.  This family friendly festival includes variety of local, regional and national entertainment, exciting activities and much more.  One of the most notable attractions at this festival is The World’s Longest Breakfast Table.

Wizard of Oz Festival – Ionia – June 17, 2017

Are you a fan of Wizard of Oz? This amazing festivity will surely amaze you! In this one of a kind festivity, The City of Ionia’s Downtown Main Street is transformed into the Yellow Brick Road as a tribute to the Wizard of Oz. There will be a “Flying Monkey Flea Market” that features arts and crafts to vintage treasures. There are also contests like Look-a-Like Contests (dress up like your favorite Oz character), a Souvenir Booth featuring collectible Wizard of Oz gifts, and the original Wizard of Oz movie will be shown at the historical Ionia Theatre for only .25 cents per person.

Electric Forest – Rothbury – June 22 – 25 & June 29 – July 2, 2017

This is a truly unique concert that you won’t probably find anywhere else, only in Michigan! Electric Forest Festival is an eight day, two weekend multi-genre event, with a focus on electronic and jam band genres, held in Rothbury, Michigan. Electric Forest largest event (2015) drew an estimated 45,000 attendees.

Sticky Buns Day – Grayling – July 14

The amazing sticky buns in Michigan also have their own celebration – the Sticky Buns Day that will happen on July 14th. This festivity started as a token of recognition to some of the baking skills generally practiced by the homemakers of the Great Depression. In addition to all the treats you could eat in a lifetime day, the festivity also features demonstrations of period-accurate food-production equipment.

Jack Pine Lumberjack Shows

This summer festivity features exciting activities like speed-climbing, speed-sawing, and log balancing. It demonstrates the skills of the lumberjack including chopping, sawing, cross-cut sawing and logrolling. There are also saw-carving demonstration and axe throwing contest at this festivity. The show aims to educate the audience in the rich history of Michigan’s logging past.

Baconfest Michigan

Love bacon? Baconfest Michigan is just right for you! This festival aims to bring the best bacon-infused culinary delights to bacon lovers through series of events.  For more information about this bacon-centered festival, check out this link.

ElvisFest – Ypsilanti – July 7 & 8, 2017

Love Elvis and his music? Then this festival is a must-attend for you! ElvisFest is not a contest, but a true concert with spectacular performances by Elvis impersonators who sings, strut and dance across the stage, just like the King of Rock and Roll.

Bologna Festival – Yale – July

The Yale Bologna Festival is a 3 day weekend event that closes the streets and transforms the community into a stage for 20,000 Bologna starved party-goers. This traditional festivity draws people from all around Michigan and nearby states as well. The highlights of this festival include the coronation of the new King and Queen of Bologna.

Rubber Ducky Festival – Bellaire

If you are fond of the yellow quaking rubber ducky, this festival is best for you! Festival includes a great race of thousands of rubber ducky toys down a quarter-mile stretch of river. Sounds fun, right?

Among these festivals in Michigan, which one is your favorite?

5 Amazing Family-Friendly Activities in Michigan

There are lots of fun things to do in Michigan. Some are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts while some are perfect for people who just wanted to get a taste of Michigan culture. There are also activities that are tailored made for couples and some that are just perfect for families with little kiddos.

Michigan mackinac-bridge

If you and your family are looking forward to visit Michigan and see its amazing attractions, here’s a list that can help your planning and preparation.

Visit a Lighthouse

Michigan has around 150+ lighthouses, the most of any U.S. state. The first lighthouses in Michigan were built between 1818 and 1822. The Michigan lighthouses are rich in history so visiting at least one of them must be on your itinerary. For ideas on which lighthouse to visit, check out this page about the 19 Jaw-dropping Photos of Michigan Lighthouses That You Should See.

Big Sable Lighthouse Michigan

Visit a Museum

When it comes to amazing and state-of-the art museums, Michigan is always on the top of the list. There’s the Michigan Science Center for hands-on science activities and fun, the Henry Ford Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Hitsville U.S.A. and a whole lot more!

Visit the Waterfalls

Michigan is the home of the many of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Here are the 19 of them that you must visit anytime soon. You will surely love each and every one of them.


Explore Family-Friendly Towns

Towns in Michigan are super friendly and welcoming. Among the most special ones that you and your family must explore are Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo! Ann Arbor is famous for their art and foods culture. Kalamazoo is the home town of the Air Zoo aviation museum (great for kids!). Grand Rapids is rich with family friendly attraction like the Frederik Meijer Gardens, the John Ball Zoo and more.

Visit and Explore Detroit

Your trip in Michigan won’t be complete without stepping in Detroit. Detroit is where the “America’s Greatest History Destination” can be found, right at The Henry Ford complex. This complex or museum highlights not only the achievements and contributions of Henry Ford to the society but also the contributions of ordinary people who built America as a whole. Here you can find Wilbur and Orville Wright’s bicycle shop, Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the Rosa Parks bus and other historical artifacts. And for other things to do in Detroit, check out this webpage about 5 Great Reasons Why Detroit Is an Amazing Place to Call Home.

Detroit Michigan