LOOK! Crafty Guy Transformed A Barren Concrete Courtyard Into A Comfy Day Bed Made Out Of Grass

Having a small and concrete outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t grow some greenery around your home. In fact, with a little creativity, you can even create something that’s quite unique and remarkable.

This is what Jason Hodges just did at their home. He created something at their concrete backyard that took the internet by storm. Mr. Hodges transformed a barren concrete courtyard into a comfy and cozy day bed out of green grass. And by the looks of it, it’s so perfect for a simple backyard picnic or even for an afternoon relaxing nap. Amazing right?

Jason-Hodges-Grass-Daybed 4 pics

Here’s the video of the Grass Day Bed courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens YouTube channel.

In the above video, Hodges details how he created his masterpiece by transforming a barren courtyard into a comfy pad made out of real grass. First, he constructs the base of a futon and dresses it with a headboard. He then constructed the top frame where the grass will grow. To finish his project, Hodges used some charcoal stain in the wood for that elegant look.

The type of grass that Jason used was the soft leaf buffalo turf – a low maintenance type of grass that can grow beautifully and has a soft touch. Speaking of maintenance, Jason mentioned that you only need a good pair of sheers and a watering can to keep the Grass Day Bed beautiful at all times.

What do you think of Jason Hodges’ project?

Image via inhabitat.com

38 thoughts on “LOOK! Crafty Guy Transformed A Barren Concrete Courtyard Into A Comfy Day Bed Made Out Of Grass

  1. That looks awesome and what a great way to use the space without taking from the area. I’m going to have to show this to my husband!

  2. What a really cool idea! I would love to do something like this for my backyard. Looks like something my husband would love!

  3. Super cool for those who live somewhere where they don’t have a lot of access to grass. I would love this for my whites. Laying them on the grass in the sun has awesome bleaching capabilities.

  4. That is such a clever idea! It would be great to have this in our house where we can just relax on to while the kids are running around and playing!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  5. I’ve seen this around and I think it’s awesome! It’s quite a nice idea especially if you’re someone who like hanging out in the backyard. I would even set up a home theater for this!

  6. This is pretty bad ass genius to be honest! I’d love to do something like this in our garden – it’s a really neat thing to do when you’re renting as well because you’re not digging anything up! x

  7. I would totally sleep on a grassy day bed. This project looks fantastic. I’ll have to add it to my husbands To Do list 🙂

  8. oh I LOVE this idea! We had to remove our grass last year though. Drought here in southern california just wasn’t worth leaving in what was “trying’ to stay alive 🙁

  9. That is such a fun idea! It would be perfect in areas where grass is harder to grow. I could even see a smaller version being perfect for a dog if the owner only had a patio!

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