Watch How Amazing Grand Rapids Is, Absolutely Magical and Truly Stunning!

I am quite sure that after watching this video, you will surely want to visit or spend some time in Grand Rapids. This over 3-minute video highlights the many advantages, accolades, and amenities of Grand Rapids that lots of people probably didn’t know.

Grand Rapids Skyline By Russell SekeetGrand Rapids Skyline Uploaded by xnatedawgx, CC BY 2.0,

The video is produced by Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. and Experience Grand Rapids in 2013. It was used as a tone-setter for that year’s CEOs for Cities conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The video looks like an amazing tourism video ad that surely entices people to visit Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Downtown Grand Rapids: Art of the Collaborative City

27 thoughts on “Watch How Amazing Grand Rapids Is, Absolutely Magical and Truly Stunning!

  1. Michigan is a great place and it’s nice to see an ad like this. It will definitely give you more insight as to what the city can offer! Thanks for the video, it’s wonderfully made!

  2. The view is enough to convince that you should visit the Grand Rapids! I really enjoyed watching the video, I had no idea there were so many things to do here! I would love to visit!

  3. I’ve heard that Grand rapids are fun to visit, and I find it convincing. I am including this to my bucket list. Looking forward to visit this soon!

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