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Houses for Rent in Fenton, Michigan

Tyrone Woods
Normally, when people want to rent they research apartments. However, apartments have minimal space and share walls with other units. With that said, at Tyrone Woods you can rent a home for the price of an apartment, or better. Strongly consider renting a manufactured home at Tyrone Woods. We offer the following advantages:

All homes for rent are 3 & 4 bedroom / 2 baths in either new or like new condition.

Rent is anywhere from $750 – $800 a month, and all credit is considered.

The average square footage is approximately 1,500 sq. ft., which is much bigger than most apartments.

When you rent a manufactured home, you have the pleasure of living in privacy, along with having your own yard.

We’re extremely pet friendly

If you lease with us, you end up building lease credit every month you make your payment, as long as you make your payments on time. You will have the option to apply part of your payment every month towards a down-payment for eventually purchasing your home, if you so choose. This is called our Lease to Own program. With that said, there is no commitment on your end to purchase; it is completely up to you.

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