If you’re looking for an affordable home to purchase, Tyrone Woods has the solution!  Our homes average cost per square foot is about a third of traditional, stick-built homes.  Most homes range from $30,000 to $50,000 and give you more features at an unbeatable price.  We offer upgrades such as: new appliances, new flooring, new utilities (furnace, water heater, etc), new metal roofing, sheds, AC units, extended parking pads, covered parking, and so much more!

The average purchase payment is significantly less than lease options, often by $200 to $300 per month or more.  Minimum down payment required is about the same as a typical lease security deposit; about 5% of the sale price for most buyers.  We know some applicants may have somewhat of a checkered past with credit but our partnered lenders are here to help.  They work with all credit scores and income levels to provide you with a practical mortgage best suited for you.  If our lenders cannot get you approved, we can help you plan steps to get approved in the future.

So if you’ve been considering buying a home in Fenton, we should talk.  We have a home for every lifestyle and budget.  Break the cycle of renting and moving every few years and start owning your home and your future today!  Finance applications are free and easy.  Average time from application to closing is about 3 weeks.  We can even help you make the transition to our community if you have an active lease.  Don’t forget to ask about our down payment assistance programs and our referral programs.  We want to make becoming a resident of Tyrone Woods fast, easy, and smart for you and your family.

Get started today by calling 810.714.1200!  Or send us an email!

Check out the images below to see what your new home can look like!

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