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About Us

If you are living in or you wish to transfer to Michigan, then you are in the right place. Michigan Houses Online, promise to offer you nothing but the best houses for rent in Michigan for you and your family. Regardless of where you plan to live in Michigan, we have the perfect place for you. In Michigan Houses Online, you will find two amazing communities to rent in.

Tyrone Woods is located near the Downtown Fenton and is just a few miles away from major highways such as I-96, M-59, I-69 and US-23. In Tyrone Woods, families can enjoy a quiet country setting which offers people great Houses for rent in Michigan. Houses come in various styles, features and sizes. Houses for rent are equipped with oak kitchens, large master bathroom suites as well as stone fireplaces, making it a conducive place for people to live in. The best thing about Tyrone Woods is you can get to enjoy all the services that we offer for as littlest as about $600 per month.

Another housing community is the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates which is situated near Cedar Springs and is just a few minutes away from major expressways such as US 131 and the famous Rockford in Michigan. This offers families and single people with a peaceful but fully equipped community. Offering single and double-wide modular homes, the community is capable to accommodate small to big families. The renting process is hassle-free since you can get to enjoy the community’s onsite home sales and management.

The locations of our housing communities are very convenient. All our residents will surely have an easy access to all the major highways near Michigan, schools, churches, malls and the hubs for commercial and cultural activities combined with recreation and shopping that can cater to all ages. This location is perfect for raising a family because its convenient provides a well-rounded environment for kids as the communities also offers great activities. Given the fact that it is easily accessible by a lot of people, the community also is conducive for business development.

Anyone has discovered our communities as great places to raise a family or develop your business. No doubt, you will discover the same. In this website, you will find a wide array of features, services and programs that makes our communities the best places to work, play and live in.