Must Know Tips for Staying Safe When Renting Alone

Security Safety

Living alone in a neighborhood or community you barely know is quite uncomfortable.  Below are some practical tips and advice that can help address your concern in terms of safety, security and comfort.

Change Door Locks

This is a must and the very first step you must do in terms of safety and security. Upon moving in to your new home, see to it that you change each and every door locks. This can give you assurance that only you have the direct access to your doors and no other people can easily get in at any given time.

Door Metal Lock

Get a Dog

If you are allowed to bring in a pet or two, by all means get a dog. Having a dog around can give you some peace of mind knowing that it can protect you and your home from outsiders that are trying to break in. Their senses and natural instinct can become your instant alarm most especially when you are sleeping.

Study the Neighborhood

If you can, walk around the neighborhood and try to get a feel of what’s living in the community feels like at day and at night. Doing this can give you a general overview of the type of people you will usually encounter day-in and out.

If you can take things further, you can even visit nearby police precinct or station and ask about how safe the community is.

Security Safety

Befriend Some Neighbors

If you are new to the neighborhood, it’s a must that you befriend few of your neighbors. This way, you can ask them few stories about the community itself and the house you are renting right now. Befriending some of them can also help you out in case of emergency cases.

Request for Security Inspection

Ask a local police or someone who is an expert at home security to inspect and identify the areas in your home that is vulnerable to criminals. Ask them for ideas and advice on how you can better protect yourself and your home from burglars.

home security officers

Important Tips:

Remove all expensive items that can be easily seen outside your home or through your window.

Remove all blind spots near our within your home. Overgrown shrubs can become burglar-friendly places if not addressed.

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