Nine Ways to Turn Your House into a Home

House Home

If you want to turn your house into a home, then you will want to personalize it along with adding modern technology to your living space. Here are some of the ways to make your house a home.

1. Add Family Photographs

After returning from work, you should have the images of your family around you, and this means that you should have photographs of your children or spouse in picture frames on the walls. You can also place photographs on bookshelves or end tables to make your home a welcoming place.

2. Your Favorite Colors

You should have your favorite colors in each room to make it your own. If you rent an apartment, then painting the walls a bright color is often impossible, but you can buy furniture that is a bright blue or vibrant yellow. When you can’t afford furniture in your favorite colors, look for bedding or throw pillows that add an attractive element to the space.

3. A Fragrant Odor

Make sure that your home has a fragrant odor when you open the door. Each individual has a fragrance that she enjoys, and she can use a spray room freshener, potpourri or an essential oil diffuser that smells fantastic. Some of the favorite scents for homes include cinnamon, orange or lavender.

4. Houseplants

It is a good idea to have houseplants located in various places throughout your home. Visit a gardening store to find lush green houseplants that are easy to grow in flower pots that are placed on tables or hanging from the ceiling. Houseplants also help to keep the air cleaner and fresher.

5. Furniture Arrangement

Make your house a home by having a friendly furniture arrangement with seating areas in the living room that encourage conversation. Avoid having everything focused toward the television or a computer screen. In the bedrooms, make sure to have the beds located in an area away from the noise that you can hear from outside.

6. Rid of the Clutter

Your house won’t feel homie when it is filled with clutter, so you should get rid of unneeded items along with organizing the other things you own. Don’t forget to organize your closets despite having the doors closed most of the time. Arriving home after work to an organized space will make you feel more relaxed.

7. Candles

If you have candles in various areas, then you can light the items during the evening so that you can enjoy having a room that has flickering candlelight. You can choose scented or unscented candles to use throughout your home.

8. Elegant Window Coverings

While you may want to have room-darkening window blinds in your home, you should also have elegant window coverings. Look for beautiful draperies to have over the windows in the living rooms and bedrooms. You may want to layer draperies with sheer underlying curtains.

9. Keep Your Home Safe

You must keep your belongings and family safe with modern security features such as bright interior and exterior lighting along with strong locks on the doors and windows. In addition, you should install a doorbell camera so that you can see if anyone is trying to break in or steal items from the front porch. Having this sense of security can put your mind at ease and allow you to feel more secure.

Make Updates to Your Home Gradually

When you don’t have a lot of money, you can make updates to your house occasionally to make it more homie. In addition, look for special sales or coupons so that you can have a gorgeous home without spending too much money.

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