5 Simple Tips That Can Make Your Rented Space Feels Like Real Home

Renting a home doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your space. Although there are set of rules or dos and don’ts given by the landlords, it doesn’t mean you can’t change a thing at your property.

Below are some of the ways you can make your rented abode feels like your own home. Almost all of them won’t do permanent changes or even damage at your rented floors and walls.




Rugs and carpets of your own choosing can make a big difference. If your rented home do have carpet or rugs in place, you can change them up with your own. You can choose the color you wanted and the type or kind of rugs that best suits your taste and personality.


Wall Paint


The wall paint doesn’t suit your taste? Try those easy-to-remove wallpapers. But if you have no time to cover the walls, the good old picture frames or paintings / art will do great as well. Ask permission from your landlord first about the hooks and pins you might need to fix at the wall.




Curtains can make great changes too! Simply fold up and store in a safe place the old curtains and use the ones you already have.

Pot Plants

Pot Plants


You can’t go wrong with pot plants. You can move and place them to places you wanted. Green plants add more life to your rented home.

Lighting, Lamp Shades, Knobs and Handles

Lamp Shade


Changing these things is quite easy to do. You can even take them with you when it’s time to leave your rented home. A change of design or style of the lights and even cabinet handles and knobs can make huge difference at the way you look at your rented home.

All of these tips require little effort and changes on your rented home. Seek the permission of your landlord first and explain to them what changes you will do and how it won’t create permanent change or damage to their property.

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