Decorating Tips For House For Rent Tenants

As a renter, decorating and personalizing the home can be quite difficult. Maybe because of your short budget or maybe because your landlord doesn’t want to change any of the house interior. Whatever stopping you from decorating the home, these tips might help you out a bit.

Living Room


When you’re renting it can be tough decorating without making major changes to a space. Terrariums are a simple and cost effective way to breathe new life into a room and add greenery.


Baskets make for wonderful mobile storage options. Use them for magazine or book storage or as a general ‘hold all’ to hide clutter.


Get arty by colour coding your books. It’s a fun way to play with colour without lifting a paintbrush!


The kids’ rooms need not be neglected in a rental. Get creative with storage and display cases. Here, a re-purposed ladder makes for a cute book and storage shelf.


Get crafty by making your own throws and cushion covers. You can put your own stamp on a space and take them with you wherever you go.

The tips wont make you change a bit of the house interior. Instead, it will make you use your imagination to become creative to what you already own.

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