6 Ways To Cut Clutter At Home

Household clutter is a huge problem that many homeowners face almost daily. It’s a problem that seems too impossible to solve specially for a house with kids around.  Although you can’t totally eliminate the clutter around your house, there are few ways that you can do to keep them at minimal amount. Here are some home organization tips and techniques that can surely help out.

6 Ways To Cut Clutter At Home

Find a place for each and every item.

A place for everything and everything in its place! Don’t let unused items or things pile up. Store them at their designated place as soon as possible. If you picked up a tool from your garage to fix something at your living room, return that tool immediately to its original place after use. Don’t let it sit inside your house once you are done with it.

Keep unnecessary items out of your home.

Don’t buy any items that have no use or value for your home. Even if they are offered for free, think twice about it.  Always think about the value it can give before taking them home. If they don’t have any use at all, don’t take it or else they will end up just another clutter that you need to take care of.

Don’t buy storage containers unless you are done with de-cluttering.

There are people who think that having multiple storage containers, boxes and bins are the solution to the clutter problem. Don’t be like that! Yes, buying storage containers is good but make sure that you already weed out the clutter before storing your items. Trash or donate items that you don’t need anymore and store the ones that you think still serves a purpose.

Remove duplicates.

If you have duplicate items, consider donating, selling or thrashing some of them away. For example, there are 10 identical mugs at your kitchen and you only use two of them in a day. If you can remove at least 6 of it, you can free up some kitchen space right? Same thing goes with your items at your bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Check your wardrobe.

Sort your clothes and your kids’ clothes twice a year. Identify the clothes that you and your kids doesn’t use or need anymore. Take them out and sell or donate them if you can. This simple tip can make a huge difference in organizing your closet and minimizing clutter around your home.

Get ideas, read articles and watch videos online.

There are lots of de-cluttering tips and advice available for free online. There are videos, how to articles and even DIY tips that you can easily follow. If you don’t have any idea where or how to start in terms of organizing your home, this step is a good start.

De-cluttering is not a complicated or a hard process. It also doesn’t have to be a stressful job or task to do. With the help of above tips, your home organization project could become a breeze.


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