7 Important Things Every Homeowner Must Know

7 Important Things Every Homeowner Must Know

Here are some essential tips and tricks that every homeowner should read. These tips can help save money, solve problems and improve the overall value of the house.

Burglary happens mostly at daytime

Most homeowners think that majority of burglary happens at nighttime. That used to be true but these days, it occurs mostly at daytime. Burglars usually break in at 10 am to 5 pm, time when most people are busy with their work or other routine.

Take good care of your furnace by replacing filters regularly

Keep your furnace at tip top shape by replacing filters regularly. Pro tip: buy several filters and label them with month names. This way, you can be sure that your furnace gets fresh new filters each and every month thus prolonging its life.

Choose and use neutral colors

Shades of white, gray and beige are your best choice for fixtures like tiles, tubs and countertops. These colors don’t create too much noise but you can easily upgrade they style and looks whenever you want to. You can also add some accents like rugs and pottery into it. With these neutral colors, you can update the look of your home without spending loads of money.

Leaking water heater can cause serious damage

Sometimes, water heaters leak from the drain valve and it’s quite easy to fix or replace when it happens. But if the leak comes from the tank, then it’s a different scenario. A leaking tank is a potential flood disaster inside your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Replace the tank as soon as possible!

Shut off main water valve when going to vacation

Before going on a vacation or to an out of town journey, turn off the main water valve. Doing this simple and easy task before you leave can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars from water damage.

Measure first

Before you replace anything, make sure to measure the area first. Like for example, you want to upgrade your old round toilet bowl with a modern elongated bowl. Measure it first especially the distance of the bowl at the toilet door. The last thing you want is a toilet door that can’t be closed because the replacement bowl is too long. Same thing applies for your other furniture. Measure everything first before buying a replacement.

Always think about safety

If you are about to do some repairs at your electrical wiring or outlet, make sure that the power is off and no electricity is flowing at it. Don’t just rely on the fact that the main electrical control is shut off. Always use a voltage detector to make sure that it’s totally electricity-free before doing any work.


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