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March 13th, 2017 by MichiganLiving 6 Unusual Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

If you live in a community or neighborhood where home invasion and burglary is prevalent, home security must be your top priority. Aside from following the usual security measures like installing CCTV cameras, alarm systems etc., you must also do “a little more extra” to keep your home safer against thieves and criminals.

Below are some unusual yet very effective home security tips that can surely make your home tougher to break into.

Home Keys and Security

Relocate your alarm system keypad.

Since most alarm pads are placed or installed near common entrances such as the front and back door, burglars will find it easy to turn off. They know exactly where to look at once they break into your home. If you can place it out of the common areas and out of plain sight, much better. If not, just make sure that it can’t be easily seen from the outside through your windows. This little trick can easily deter any kinds or forms of home invasion.

Use key lock box

If you have no choice but to leave spare key outside of your home, use a lock box instead of leaving it under the mat, a flower pot or a fake rock. Check out those lock boxes that realtors use and have it installed in your home. Just make sure that nobody will see your combination code when you enter it to get your spare key.

Take advantage of thorny plants

Aside from improving the appeal of your home, plants can also become an effective defense system against thieves. Consider planting thorny plants or vines in areas where you don’t want any stranger to access. For example, consider planting a thorny shrub under the windows of your room. It might not stop them totally from climbing up your windows but still, thieves will find it tougher to get inside your home.

Don’t put all valuables in your master bedroom

The number one room that burglars look into immediately upon entering your home is the master bedroom. So it’s highly advisable to keep some of your valuables away from this room. Hide your jewelries at unexpected places like the kid’s bedroom. Store your emergency stash or cash at one cabinet of your laundry room. Avoid usual hiding spots like under mattresses, behind pictures and paintings and more.

Use a decoy

If burglary is really too common in your area (and you can’t move out yet), then consider using a decoy. Buy a small decoy safe to take burglar’s attention away from the real one. Place this decoy somewhere at your bedroom. If thieves see this, they will surely carry it out and leave the place immediately (robbers wanted to get in and out as fast as possible) without checking the items inside of it. Just make sure to lock the decoy safe and put some fake items on it, like fake jewelries so if ever they shake it, they’ll know that something is hidden inside of it.

Keep your car keys within arm’s reach

Car key fobs can be an effective alarm system nowadays. Since they are now installed with panic button, you can easily press it once you see or hear something unusual within your property. The sound or alarm that your car will create can stop potential thieves from entering your home.

And here’s a Home Security Life Hacks video if the above given tips doesn’t satisfy you.


34 responses to “6 Unusual Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Must Know”

  1. I was just watching a Golden Girls ep last night and Blanche actually hid her jewels in the freezer! Interesting place for them, ha.

  2. robin Rue says:

    Our neighbor has a decoy, but his is a sasquatch, so I am not sure it’s really much of a deterrent. It’s hilarious, though.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I love these tips. I never thought to use a decoy. That’s a great idea.

  4. Becki says:

    Interesting list. A neighbor of mine never needs a key because they have a combination front door. I want one too!

  5. adriana says:

    These are really great tips! It’s amazing just how many things there are you can do to keep yourself safer than you’d think. Love your list, thanks for sharing!

  6. Great tips! This is such a helpful info for homeowners. The idea of using decoy is something I might want to try for my home.

  7. tara pittman says:

    Great tips. I try to hide my things better but then I cant remember where I put them.

  8. Kelly Reci says:

    what a nice tips! this are a good help for me since i usually lost my keys haha! lol interesting list.!

  9. So interesting. I would have never thought to have a decoy safe or to use my key fob to create a distraction. We have several alarm key pads. While they are near the entrances, they aren’t close enough to be seen until you would be in the house.

  10. Jenn says:

    These are great tips. There have been several break ins in our neighborhood over the past year. I can use all of the tips I can get. You can never be too careful.

  11. Lisa Rios says:

    Take advantage of thorny plants. Already had thought of that one before. It breaks thieves’ fall, and hopefully breaks their back, too. lol

  12. These are such useful tips that never occurred to me. Using decoy valuables, hiding the keypad location, all of it is really smart.

  13. Karlyn Cruz says:

    Such a smart tips of home security! I didn’t know about the key box! That’s a wonderful idea

  14. Ryan Escat says:

    What a brilliant tips! These are really important should know of everybody.

  15. I love these helpful tips!! I wish more people could read this! Sharing it with my loved ones.

  16. Thank for this post. A lot of new ways to prevent intruders in our home. This is a very effective idea. I will definitely do most of it.

  17. These are all great tips! My family’s safety is my priority and I will have to heed your advice. Thanks for this post. It was an eye opener for me.

  18. Elizabeth O. says:

    These are all great tips! I think it’s important to go the extra mile to make sure that you keep your home safe and secure especially if you have kids.

  19. chei says:

    These are great tips! Its a big help to all of us especially when we have children

  20. Nellwyn says:

    This is great advice, I would never have thought to use thorny plants as a security feature. I’ll have to remember your tips for when I move out of my condo and into a house.

  21. These are such good ideas. I love the idea of the thorny plants, and we do have a lot of cacti!

  22. Jolleen says:

    These are good tips. I like the thorny plants one, lol. Hey that is a good idea!

  23. Jay Simms says:

    I keep my car keys wherever I go. I like being able to set the alarm off if I hear anything outside.

  24. Really clever ideas! I like the thorny plant and decoy safe. What a great idea to help keep the house safe.

  25. These are all great tips. I planted thorny rose bushes under my GF’s parents windows because they had a peeping tom problem… no longer a problem.

  26. Athena says:

    These are some great tips. We had to get a key lockbox because I have an autistic son who can’t seem to remember the key to the house. So we keep one outside in a lockbox. Works great.

  27. All good tips! I especially like the tip around thorny plants…maybe i need to plant a cactus!

  28. Coralie says:

    These are great tips. I love the thorny plants tip. I am going to plant roses along my house this spring.

  29. Dhemz says:

    How cool! These are absolutely awesome tips to secure your home. Gotta love the decoy idea. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Ruth I. says:

    They are all useful tips! I remember in the past when I need to leave a spare key outside and I was worried that someone might get it.

  31. Hannah Marie says:

    This post is so helpful! I have to do some of them soon to be safe and secured in our house.

  32. Emma says:

    Never thought about not having the alarm pad on display but now you’ve mentioned it it makes so much sense. So much harder to turn off if you have to find it first!

  33. Wildish Jess says:

    Thorny plants? That’s something I never would have thought about. So smart!

  34. I love these hacks especially the thorny plants. I am thinking of growing up those big cactus near our windows LOL

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