3 Roof Issues You Can Solve Before They Become Problems

3 Roof Issues You Can Solve Before They Become Problems

Your roof is perhaps the most important line of defense that you have, shielding you from the heat of the sun and the coldness of the rain and snow. Because of this, you really have to keep it in very good condition.

However, like any other thing on the planet, the roof and the materials that comprise it are not resistant to wear and tear. Nature and its elements will eventually take their toll on them. Luckily, there are things that you can do to solve roof problems even before they start bothering you. Read on to know what these things are.

Install a chimney cricket

Wide chimneys can be aesthetically pleasing for some. However, such fixtures can cause problems if due diligence is not observed. Any wide protrusions on the roof can collect debris behind it. The debris, in turn, will collect moisture. Any material that is allowed to be damp for a long period will in time lose its luster and strength. Water is just that damaging.

To avoid such a scenario, you should install a cricket behind your wide chimney. A cricket basically looks like a half pyramid. It is ideally as wide as the chimney itself. This fixture prevents the deposit of debris.  

Add step flashing and counterflashing

Water is life, but when it comes to keeping your house free from damage, it can be your number one enemy. Practically, you must prevent water from seeping through. One good way to avoid that is by installing step flashing and counterflashing on your chimney. Step flashing is a sheet of metal that runs up the sides of the chimney, while counterflashing is another piece of metal that is anchored on a groove made right above the step flashing. It’s supposed to run down the side of the chimney, effectively covering the step flashing.

Installing both the step flashing and counterflashing takes time. Because of this, many roof contractors take shortcuts and just use caulk or roof cement to cover the end of the step flashing. This only works for a while, and it may cause bigger problems if left for a long period, especially when the caulk or cement starts to crack and peel off.

Apply the proper roof coating

Aside from improving the appearance of the roof, roof coatings also add another level of protection to it. If properly chosen and applied, roof coatings can help keep rainwater from seeping through. They can even resist the damage brought about by water ponding.

Silicone and polyurethane roof coatings are said to be very effective in keeping water out. The fact that these coating types also reflect UV rays is a very welcome bonus.Given the importance of your roof, it is important that you only let professionals work on it. These professionals are properly trained and exposed to various roof scenarios, so they’d be in a better position to recommend solutions and workarounds if needed. If you want to know more about how professional roof workers can be of big help to you, you can visit https://westchaseroofing.com/.


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