20+ Vintage Michigan Tourism Ads That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before!

With all the articles, images and videos I posted here about Michigan, for sure you now know how beautiful and awesome the state is. From the people, foods, places up to the natural resources, Michigan is truly a place that you shouldn’t miss.

Although we are truly thankful for what Michigan looks right now, with it’s great spots and destinations, it’s always a good thing to go back in time and have a look of what the state looks like few years back. The 29 vintage Michigan tourism ads posted below can give you a quick peak of the beauty of the old Michigan.

29 vintage Michigan tourism ads

Vacation in Michigan Water Wonderland

Michigan Promo

Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-01   Promo_9 Promo_8 Promo_5 Promo_3 Promo_2 Promo_1 old-tourism-map great-lakes-magazine-ad

Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-27 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-26 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-25 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-21 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-19 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-17 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-13 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-09 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-08 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-07 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-05 Promo_From_Mich_Tourist_Council-02  Promo_16 Promo_15 Promo_14 Promo_13 Promo_11

19 thoughts on “20+ Vintage Michigan Tourism Ads That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before!

  1. These are quite cool, I love vintage stuff. Where did you find them? I remember some of the older MI license plates said something like “Winter Wonderland” or “Water Wonderland” on them, too.

  2. I loved looking at old pamphlets. Matt’s aunt just let me browse through the fashions from 1980. Loved it!

  3. These are awesome pics and advertisements for Michigan. I am originally from Mi. and actually recognize seeing a couple from when I was young. It’s amazing you have all those. I got stuck on your site for a bit reading and remembering. It is so beautiful way up North Michigan. I loved it up there. I am now in Alabama but nothing like Michigan. The 4 seasons were my favorite. The beautiful trees and sparkly snow. The Blue Lakes with no gators. Lol. Thanks for sharing. I loved it.

  4. The first and the third ads caught my attention. Actually all the ads are awesome. Looks like 80-ish or 90-ish comic book illustrations. This will surely be a head-turner

  5. These ads are awesome! I love looking at vintage advertising; comparing the quality of the art work, the photographs, the lengthy text, it’s all so different now!

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