Moving Tips For Renters on A Budget

If you are planning to move into a new house for rent, then one of the things that you must think about is your moving budget. We all know that the moving process can be quite an expensive one. When moving into a new house for rent, you should understand the fact that there are some things that you cannot be able to skimp on. However, you can be able to save money on packing and moving supplies. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can be able to reduce your moving costs.

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With that in mind, here are some moving tips that can help you save money:

Ask people for moving boxes.

Moving boxes are some of the things that you can definitely skimp on. One great way to get free moving boxes is to ask you friends and family members for medium sized boxes that they no longer use. Additionally, you can also talk to some shops such as liquor stores, grocery stores, bakeries and bookstore chains. Make sure to talk to them ahead of time so that they can be able to reserve some boxes for you.

Donate or sell things you will no longer use.

We all know that not all houses for rent are created equal. Your sofa may be perfect for your apartment now but it may not be suitable for the house for rent you will be moving in to. With this in mind, it would be wise for you to measure the new rental carefully and map out the furniture placement in your new home. When you do this, you will be able to determine which furniture you can keep and which you can let go. Sell or donate any item that you will no longer use and you can be able to simplify the entire moving process.

Be creative with padding.

Padding is important as it keeps fragile items from possible breakage and damage. One great padding alternative is your old clothing and towels. Stuff your shirts, socks or towels in boxes to avoid the contents from breaking. Instead of buying shrink wrap and moving blankets, you can also use big blankets or towels to cover up furniture. Instead of furniture sliders, you can use towels to glide heavy items during the moving process. Instead of placing pillows in a separate box, stuff these in a box filled with breakables for added padding.

Look for discount coupons.

As mentioned above, there are some moving items that you cannot be able to skimp on and these may include packing tape, permanent markers and cleaning products. In order to save money when buying these items, it is recommended that you look for discount coupons so that you can buy the items at discounted rates.

Establish a budget.

The best way to save money when moving is to plan ahead. When you establish a budget, you can be able to determine how much you should spend on packing supplies, the moving van and many more. This will help you to spend within your means.

Moving is a complicated and stressful activity but with proper planning and a bit of creativity, you can be able to simplify the entire process.

34 thoughts on “Moving Tips For Renters on A Budget

  1. When we bought our house, the only cost was the price of the Uhaul truck. It was under $200 for the whole move.

  2. My hubby keeps talking about movie in the next few years and I so dread it! We have so much stuff in our house I have a feeling I will be giving half of it away!

  3. Great tips! We just moved last weekend and it was super expensive. We did get free liquor store boxes but we also had to buy larger boxes at Home Depot too. The moving company was the most expensive part of the move.

  4. These are great tips for those renters who are moving on a budget. It is so important to plan ahead for spending and make sure you stick to your plans also.

  5. Theres are all great tips and it’s so important to stick to a budget when moving – it can be so easy to overspend when you’re just trying to get things done and get settled.

  6. I hate moving. It’s the most stressfull thing. And you are right it can cost so much money. We won’t be moving again until we can buy a place. But this is some great advice even if you’re moving to your first real home.

  7. These are some really great tips! The worst part of moving is always boxes! People say liquor stores, but I never have luck with that!

  8. I know Costco and Sam’s Club usually has large boxes for its members to use, in the Costco I used to go to it was near the bathrooms. And if you’re not a member, non-members can use the pharmacy or buy alcohol so just say you’re going to do that.

  9. These are great and very helpful tips! I’m moving in two months and I need to save as much money from this move as I can. I haven’t moved on a budget since ages when I was last in college and now it’s kinda different. Thanks to your tips I got some great ideas on my move and will definitely use your suggestions. Thank you for sharing!

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