75 Year Old Man and Family Travels World with An Incredible House Truck

If you are into tiny homes and mobile living, you will surely love this!

John Incredible House Truck

The video below shows John and his very own House Truck. John retired from the construction industry at age 45 to pursue his dream of nomadic lifestyle. Now age 75, he and his family (wife and two kids) still enjoys travelling almost around the globe with his very own tiny house truck.

John House Truck

Outside and Inside John’s Incredible House Truck

John’s house truck have two water tanks, an outdoor shower, solar panels, propane appliances and ample storage.

John is no stranger to building tiny homes, house trucks, expedition vehicles and DIY campers. In fact, he has designed and built twelve mobile alternative dwellings in the last 35 years!

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75 Year Old Man Travels World in Incredible House Truck
75-Year-Old And His Wife Travel The World Over In Their House Truck

36 thoughts on “75 Year Old Man and Family Travels World with An Incredible House Truck

  1. I can’t get enough of these tiny houses. This is a first seeing a tiny house truck. It’s amazing what they can do with such tiny, unique spaces. It would be too closed in for me, but I love the concept and how cute tiny houses are.

  2. I wonder if he needs or would accept an intern? My husband would gladly switch to that mode of living if he could talk me into doing so – not sure where the kids and pets would go 🙂

  3. That’s just pure awesome. I’m not into house trucks or mobile homes but it sure is nice to have one and just go whenever! I admire him for doing that.

  4. I love to watch Tiny House Nation and the other shows about tiny homes. His house looks pretty nice. Hard to believe that he is 75 and living tiny like that.

  5. This is a truck house I could live in for sure. It has everything you need and you can travel anywhere you want in this house. Kudos to him and his little house. Well done indeed.

  6. Wow that is really cool. My husband has a huge fascination with tiny houses, so this is SO something he would love to do!

  7. If I show this to my husband he will probably sell the house and buy a truck like this! Very cool. Thank you for sharing!

  8. That is so interesting! I know that a town close to me was featured on Tiny Homes and it was fun to watch them build it. I’m not one for small spaces so these wouldn’t be for me.

  9. That totally is awesome. I see tiny houses making a huge comeback. I think it’s great and I bet it saves so much money too.

  10. Wow absolutely amazing, this journey looks exciting! It’s nice to see someone embark in travels!! And that Mobil house is awesome!

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