Look How Awesome This House in Michigan Is And It Has A Train Too!

Who would have thought that a grim-looking house in a wooded area of Grand Rapids, Michigan can turn into a dream mid-century stylish home?

Awesome House In a Forest At Grand Rapids Michigan

This is what a husband and wife did when they bought a rundown home set on 20 woodsy acres at Grand Rapids. Inspired by the natural surroundings and mid-century design, the homeowners studied many layouts, designs, color schemes and furnishings to come up with an envy-worthy home.

Aside from its amazing architecture, this 4,000-square-foot home also has a fully working private train track for homeowners and their visitors to enjoy!

Watch the video below to see more of this house’s amazing design and jaw-dropping interior.

28 thoughts on “Look How Awesome This House in Michigan Is And It Has A Train Too!

  1. They did a great job on the remodel. The house looks amazing. Glad that they stuck to the original style of the home instead of trying to make it look like something it’s not. Love all the windows!

  2. What a gorgeous house. I love how they have incorporated nature into their home, and the train track, amazing. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to such incredible views. It feels secluded but not too far away from everything.

  3. Everything is stunning! I love the master’s bedroom, it looks so good. And the view is just fantastic. Having a train there is very cool too, lol. Thanks for sharing this lovely home!

  4. omg this just gives me idea on what to when renovating our house in the farm back in australia. dfntly we need the train for the farm hahaha love the open walls or glass walls

  5. These looks so cool and peaceful environment. I’m glad that knowing this kind of house, give me an inspiration to work hard. I Loved the Idea of this house. Amazing!

  6. This house is amazing. The master bedroom is so spacious and big. Love the big windows. Lobe how he has all of those bird feeders too. I love watching the birds come eat. The train is really cute too. I bet kids love riding that.

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