Home Improvement Tips To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Making our home energy efficient doesn’t only save us good amount of money, it also adds great value for our property. If ever you are planning a home improvement sooner or later, make sure to consider these tips that could help in making your house more energy efficient.

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You can’t improve the things that you can’t measure. So before applying these tips, ask a professional to inspect your home and do an energy audit. From this audit, you’ll be able to determine the areas that need improvement and attention.

Identify and seal leaks.

Sealing the leak that allow cold or hot air slip in and out of the house is a good first step to make the home more energy efficient. Seal the leaks usually found on windows, doors and other areas that allows outside weather or air to slip inside your home.


Add insulation at your home. If house is already insulated, check the insulation if it’s still performing the way it should be. If not, change or replace it.

Replace windows with energy-efficient ones.

If sealing and insulating the windows won’t work, replacing it is the last resort. Replacing the windows with high-efficiency models not only upgrades your home’s physical value. It also makes it more energy efficient than before.

Replace doors with energy-efficient ones.

Just like with the windows, if insulation and sealing fails, replace it.

Replace old equipment with energy efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units.

Buying and using more energy-efficient equipment can significantly lower your monthly energy bills. Although it might cost you a good amount of cash (buying equipments), it can surely save you a lot in the long run. But before jumping into this, make sure that you’ve done everything above this tip.

Making the home more energy efficient certainly offers lots of benefits. It can help save a lot of money, upgrade value of the property and most important of all, makes the home more earth friendly.

52 thoughts on “Home Improvement Tips To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

  1. Thanks! Those are definitely useful. Too much energy consumption doesn’t only result in a higher electric bill, it could also be dangerous. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Our master bedroom is the worst about being energy efficient. It’s situated over the garage and it’s either blazing hot in summer or freezing cold in winter. We need better insulation or something!

  3. We just replaced a few of our larger windows this year. I am looking forward to see what kind of savings we will have with the change.

  4. Living here in Florida, residents can use all the help they can get to cut the cost. Home improvements are very important for homeowners.

  5. Thanks so much for this article. We have a lake house that was built in the 70’s and is definitely not energy efficient. This will help us when we start renovating.

  6. These are some Great tips! I wil have to share these with hubby because I have no clue if our home is energy efficient

  7. I was just telling my husband about all of this. We need to change out the padding around our doors, recaulk windows and a few of these tips you shared. Honey do!

  8. I definitely need to get the windows looked at in our house. I can tell there are a few that have some leaks. Great tips, I had no idea there was such a thing as energy efficient windows.

  9. I wanted to get an instant hot water heater for our house but the upfront cost versus convenience and money savings on monthly bills just didn’t make it a smart money move for us. So important to make sure that a home improvement is right for your particular situation. Trying to be energy efficient overall is a smart move as it can lower your electric bills and overall is just a good thing to do for the environment.

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