The Fairy Trails in Michigan is truly a Must Visit for Everyone!

Michigan is rich with natural wonders such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caves, mountains and forest. Each and every city in Michigan is blessed with wonders of nature that are truly amazing and beautiful.

Aside from the breathtaking gifts of nature, The Great Lakes State is also known for world-class man-made attractions.  You can find one of those attractions in Traverse City – The Fairy Trails.

Fairy Trail Traverse City

The Fairy Trails of Traverse City opened on May 1st 2016. It’s located along the Cedar Cathedral Trail at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.  The trailhead is located near the water tower right outside of ELF | Eat Learn Frolic, 1371 Gray Drive, Suite 400, Traverse City, MI 49684.

Fairy Trail House 1

This magical place is open for kids of all ages (even parents and adults are allowed) to explore, discover and build their very own fairy houses using all natural materials. Pinecones, shells, branches and flowers are the most commonly used items in building a fairy house.

Fairy Trail House 2

Exploring the Fairy Trails is a fun filled adventure! You can discover lots of tiny houses and buildings that are inspired by fairy tale fantasies and wild imaginations.  This could be a great family activity this season of fall!

For more information about The Fairy Trails, visit this webpage from

Image credits: LifeAndWhim Facebook page

12 thoughts on “The Fairy Trails in Michigan is truly a Must Visit for Everyone!

  1. I’ve never heard of this! I was suppose to go to Traverse City a couple weekends ago. I will have to check this out sometime!

  2. It was an amazing journey to spend more time and days to this beautiful place! It was a huge of fun and excitement for sure.

  3. I have never been to Michigan before and this sounds like a wonderful place to have some fun with your family on a weekend. Exploring such Fairy Trails with your kids is going to be a great experience for them as well.

  4. Michigan does have some gorgeous nature. I miss their pumpkin patches. we have nothing like the ones they have around here.

  5. This looks like such a lovely place. My nieces would love the fairy trails so I think it’s going on our must visit list.

  6. How fun are these trails! I had no idea that Michigan has a place like this. The kids will love this for sure and it will fire up their imagination too!

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