5 Clever Hacks To Declutter Your Home!

De-cluttering is a tough job. No matter how organized you are, there will be times that de-cluttering becomes an impossible task.  If you feel like giving up with the mess you have at home, here are few simple tricks and hacks that can help de-cluttering much easier than before.

Do One Room At A Time

Messy Room

Before doing any de-cluttering task, you must ask yourself on what room you should or wanted to start. Some people start with their own room while some find it easier to start at the kitchen or living room. No matter where you start, finish it first before moving into another room. Doing everything at once will just tire you easily and you won’t accomplish anything by doing everything at once.

Use or Create Multi-functional Furniture

Furniture Double usage

In buying or using furniture, always think about what else it can give when you place it at your home. For example, buying a simple chair that doubles up as storage is a good thing. A bed with cabinets underneath also helps in de-cluttering and organizing.

Organize Your Cables In Artistic Way


Cables that are tangled up doesn’t only make your space look crowded and messy, it also creates severe danger. If you can’t hide or remove your cables from bare eyes, organize them in a artistic way just like what the image shows.

Limit Your Closet Hangers

Hanger Inside Closet

Having a minimum number of hangers, let’s say 30, in your closet can help a lot. This way, you can identify the kind of clothes you use a lot and you can simply fold and store the ones that  you don’t usually use.

Put Bed Sheets in Pillow CasesBed SheeeetsThis can be the answer for your bed sheet folding problem. Putting your bed sheet inside pillow cases with the same design can help you easily stack them up inside the cabinet. Really easy right?

31 thoughts on “5 Clever Hacks To Declutter Your Home!

  1. I am in the process of decluttering my home right now. I am not a pack-rat by any means but I guess I am just Spring Cleaning early? LOL!!

  2. I love your bed sheet in pillow case idea. That would be great for all my sets and make it easier to grab one when changing the sheet. Great tips!

  3. I’ve loved the pillow sheets in pillowcases, but I’ve never officially done it myself. I feel like it wouldn’t be close to as neat as the picture shown hahahahaha

  4. GREAT tips! I would love to get my wires under control lol pretty chaotic back there. I’m a big believer in a clutter free environment and like everything airy and organized.

  5. I love the pillow case tip! We just purged a lot of stuff form moving. I’d like to get rid of even more thing. Not necessarily minimalist but close.

  6. Those cables are pretty cool looking like that… I could use a couple of changes. My pans are just in the cupboard randomly, I’d like to have something change there a bit.

  7. I absolutely love the bed sheet organizing idea! I keep my linen closet pristine – for some reason a cluttered one stresses me. But this would help keep it even better!

  8. So cool! I use some of your hacks already except for the organization of the electrical wires to make them look nice and pillow cases for bedsheets (such an awesome idea!). Thanks for sharing!

  9. Brilliant tips! Love the idea of putting the sheets in pillow cases. I will do that this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing it. 🙂

  10. I have so much clutter in my home it would make anyone go insane. My husband is just as guilty of leaving things out or not being able to throw things away as I am. I’m definitely going to try the trick with the cables, he owns about five xBoxes and the mess from those cables always ticks me off lol.

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