5 Practical and Clever Tips To Overcome Home Clutter Easily

In today’s fast paced world, clutter build-up is inevitable. With the busy schedules we are all living in, we have lesser time with home cleaning and organization. The advancement of technology also makes it easier for us to buy things that we don’t really need (online shopping). The result, these items will just end up on our shelves and cabinets adding to the clutter that we are already dealing with.

Home organization can be really stressful at times. The good thing is there are few tricks and tips that everyone can do or follow to make it more manageable and less daunting. Some of them are as follows:

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Control the entry way

Make the clutter build up on your entry way manageable by placing a bin, a shoe rack or an open shelve at one side of it. You can also install few hooks for coats and jackets. This way, people entering your house (specially the kids) can have a place to put down their items without making the entry way look like a total mess.

Control the paper

Always set few minutes or so daily to check the paper build up around your house or even just inside your room. Remove anything that you don’t need, recycle them or shred them if they have personal info. Dedicate a cabinet or a drawer where all paper bills and letters must be placed. This way, you’ll know where to find them if a situation calls for it.

A place for everything, everything in its place

Dedicate a spot for everything in your home. Use boxes, bins and clear containers to hold up stuff and things around your house. Make sure to label each one of them for easier identification.

Use curtains

If you dedicated a corner of your house or an open shelving to hold your boxes and bins, it might still look cluttered in plain view. You might want to use curtains to hide these areas. Be creative with it to complement your interior decoration.

Do regular room checks

Take a hamper with you and visit each and every room around your house. Put anything that doesn’t belong in that room inside your hamper. This way, you can put them in their right places in bulk rather than moving them one by one that could take a lot of effort and time.

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28 thoughts on “5 Practical and Clever Tips To Overcome Home Clutter Easily

  1. This is a constant struggle for me, especially with papers and making sure that everything has a place. I have been trying to downsize and live a bit more minimalist, but my husband sabotages that at every turn it seems! I will definitely be giving your tips a try, thank you!

  2. I love a clutter free home and we do a general cleaning regularly! It’s better to get rid of the stuff that we no longer use than leave them in the house untouched and messy-looking. These are great tips!

  3. I really love the hamper/clothes basket idea. My biggest issue is my daughter and husband. But with my daughter being away at college it leaves it to my husband. Silly man. I dislike clutter terribly so I have been working on that these past few months.

  4. whenever i tried to get organized everything at home, they are still being misplace! the boxes and container sounds effective! lol. great tips

  5. I struggle with clutter daily!! It seems like there is a neverending cycle of toys being strewn about in the living room.

  6. I need to get a manage on my clutter. When I think I am making progress, I look the other way and there is a ton of clutter!

  7. I love the idea of taking a hamper around with you and collecting everything that doesn’t belong in a room. Besides using storage containers, I also try not to use my living room as a dumping area by striving to put things up where they belong from the start. Not always easy.

  8. I desperately need to declutter my home asap. I have WAY too much stuff and none of it is in a logical place. I’m doing a major purge this spring. I’ll definitely follow some of these tips!

  9. The paper kills me! I was recently turned onto an app called Paper Karma. You can take a picture of your junk mail and they work on getting rid of it for you/get you off the mailing list. It is really easy to use.

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